Know Your Fridge Filter W10193691

Little cute child boy drink waterIf you are seeking a premium water filter to provide your family with clean, crisp water at a fraction of the cost, the W10193691 refrigerator filter is exactly what you’re seeking. With mounting concerns over the quality of water in general, purchase a W10193691 filter and you’ll never worry about drinking dirty, contaminated water again. One of the top filters to help remove dangerous, undesirable toxins from your home water supply, this water filter will provide you with pure, healthy water for months. Compatible with the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 water filters, any system that lists this type of filter will work perfectly with this filter. EDR3RXD1 water filters, any system that lists this type of filter will work perfectly with this filter.

The Filtration Process

The W10193691 fridge filter works with the help of a scientifically engineered filtration process. Utilizing activated carbon, to remove potentially harmful impurities from your water supply, this superior system works wonders on the level of cleanliness and overall taste of your water. The secret lies in the highly porous nature of activated carbon. The surface area of this carbon incredibly adsorbant. This means that the dissolved solid, liquid, or gas will stick to it. In other words, by running your water through a system that includes activated carbon, the impurities will stick to the carbon, leaving nothing but pure, clean water behind.

The process itself begins the moment the water enters the chamber. The filter then fills up with water and gets propelled through the chamber containing the activated carbon. The carbon will then extract the toxins and other impurities from the water (such as bacteria, mold, asbestos, chlorine, and cysts) and spout out nothing but the clean, crisp water you crave.

Installing Your Filter

Simple to install, your W10193691 fridge filter is typically located in the top right corner of your refrigerator and can be installed by adhering to a few short steps.

  1. Locate the filter
  2. Firmly push the button
  3. The filter will pop out
  4. Remove the filter and filter caps
  5. Secure the caps on the new filter
  6. Push in the filter firmly
  7. The filter should make a clicking sound

Moreover, don’t forget to flush your system by running 2 gallons of water through it before usage.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Lastly, don’t forget to change your filter as necessary. Even the highest quality filters need to be replaced on the regular basis as the more a filter system is used, the less effective it becomes over time. In order to continue to provide your home with clean, crisp water, you must replace your filter at least once every six months. Furthermore, when using a sluggish filter, you also run the risk of increased energy bills as well as health-related side effects. Don’t let this happen to your home. Selecting the proper filter and replacing the filter as necessary or every six months minimizes these risk!

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