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woman with glass of waterDirty water is a health hazard many fail to consider. Sure, most people know to avoid muddy, swamp water. However, few understand that they should be wary of ordinary tap water. There are contaminants in drinking water that can harm families over time.

It comes highly suggested for households to invest in discount fridge filters. These devices can create an overall healthier home environment. The ULTRA-WF water filter is easy to install, low priced and available right now.

Benefit of Clean Drinking Water

Clean water is a benefit to the body and mind. There is an intense focus on health consciousness these days. People try to eat right and exercise regularly. They forget that water is essential for survival.

Drinking clean water is a means of improving life for the long term. Forget about the short fixes, such as radical diets and exercise regimes for a minute. Pure drinking water is a simple way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Refrigerator water filters are the way to get started on the path to whole body success.

Get rid of the chlorine, rust and bacteria in tap water today with a refrigerator water filter.


The Filtration Process

ULTRA-WF water filters use a carbon-based purification process. Tap water enters the carbon chamber. There it meets with the porous carbon that captures unwanted materials.

Say goodbye to mold, cysts, asbestos and lead. Clean drinking water comes out of the filter in a few seconds. Meanwhile, the carbon holds tight to the contaminants.

Installation is Easy

It is simple to install ULTRA-WF refrigerator filters. The full process follows. Just be sure to check for either a push or pull release tab.

Push Tab

  1. Push in the filter. ULTRAWF_14
  2. The old filter will be able to slide out. Discard it.
  3. Insert new filter by aligning the pieces into the housing.
  4. Push in the new filter until you hear a click. The click will assure that the filter is inserted securely.

Regardless of filter type, always allow 2 gallons of water to flush through the filter before using the first time.

Keep Filter Current

The activated carbon in the pure water filter works hard. It is imperative that users keep their filters current. For optimal conditions replace the ULTRA-WF every six months. If you would categorize your refrigerator water drinking habits as heavy you may want to consider changing it more frequently to assure great quality.

Buy Now

There is peace of mind knowing that a family has only the best drinking water. These discount fridge filters provide that assurance. Order today to begin a healthy lifestyle.

Purchase a ULTRA-WF water filter from DiscountFilters. We understand that consumers want to save money. There are no hidden fees that result in a higher than expected final price.

DiscountFilters have up to a full one-year, money back guarantee. If you are unsure about what filter you need head on over to our filter finder to find the exact one you need.

Compatible Filters for the Frigidaire ULTRA-WF


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