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Know Your Fridge Filter: UKF9001AXX

The UKF9001AXX water filter can provide you with crystal clear drinking water at your fingertips, providing you with the luxury of top quality purified water right from your very own home. This filter is designed to remove unwanted toxins from water, providing your family with a healthier and cleaner tasting refreshment. Tap water contains a number of toxins, which not only taint the flavor but can also contaminate the body. The UKF8001 filter is scientifically designed to remove all potential pollutants, making the water safer and more enjoyable to consume. Refrigerator water filters are an essential addition to every home, so you can provide your family with fresh-tasting water.

ukf8001 Water Filter diagramFilter Process

This UKF8001 replacement relies on activated carbon to extract contaminants in the water, which is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective methods of purifying water. Activated carbon is a porous material that enables it to effortlessly absorb any unwanted impurities. There are numerous pollutants in ordinary tap water including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, arsenic, and pharmaceutical drugs. As you pour water through the water filter, these pollutants become trapped within the pores of the carbon, leaving only the purest water to trickle out the other side.

Install Your Filter Easily

The UKF9001AXX takes just minutes to install, so you can begin drinking purified water immediately. In the upper right side of the fridge, you’ll notice either a push or pull release. For push tabs, the tab is situated at the front of the filter housing.

To install:

  1. Push the tab inward, discharging the latch and allowing the housing to open.
  2. Turn the water filter counterclockwise until it releases from its position, and pull it straight out of the housing.
  3. Insert a new filter into the slot, turning clockwise until it latches into place.
  4. Shut the housing door until it latches.

For pull tabs, the tab is located in the front of the filter housing, under the cover.

To install:

  1. Find the recessed tab located beneath the filter housing, and remove the cover.
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise one-quarter turn, and pull the filter out.
  3. Insert the new filter, and rotate clockwise until it latches into place.
  4. Replace the filter cover.

Prior to using, run roughly 2 gallons of tap water through the filter. This will help to clear the excess carbon dust prior to use. Do not drink this water.

Regularly Change Your Refrigerator Filter

As water continues to pass through the filter, the carbon eventually degrades, resulting in a decreased ability to effectively filter water. To ensure your water always remains fresh, you need to change the UKF8001 filter about twice per year. In addition to keeping your water fresh, changing the filter will enable your refrigerator to continue to operate efficiently, resulting in decreased energy being expended, which will reduce maintenance in the long term. To access our huge selection of discount water filters, visit our fridge filter section.

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