know your fridge filter: ukf8001

Know Your Fridge Filter: UKF8001

drinking water from UKF8001 filter

The UKF8001 refrigerator water filter efficiently works to provide your household with clean, clear, and refreshing water.  Never worry about drinking dirty water again.  The UKF8001 filter removes undesirable substances from your indoor water supply as well as providing clean, healthy water for your home, crystal clear ice, and better tasting water for drinking and beverage making.  This high quality fridge filter is an addition to your home that you won’t regret.  The UKF8001 fridge filter is capable of fitting into a variety of refrigerator brands and models.

Filter Process

UKF8001 Fridge FilterUsing a scientifically engineered filtration process, the UKF8001 utilizes activated carbon to remove unwanted impurities from your home’s tap water.  What is activated carbon? Activated carbon is a form of carbon designed to be extremely porous.  The increased surface area of activated carbon allows for superior adsorption.  Unlike absorption, adsorption is the process of a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid adhering to a surface.

The filtration process begins when water enters the filter chamber from the line in your refrigerator.  As the UKF8001 filter begins to fill with water, it is pushed through an inner chamber containing the activated carbon. The
carbon attracts any undesirable particulate that may be in your indoor water supply such as chlorine, cysts, lead, asbestos, bacteria, and mold.  All of the unwanted materials are captured and held in the carbon as clean water passes completely through the carbon.  The result of this entire process is crystal clear, refreshingly clean water.

How to Install Your Filter

The UKF8001 is easy to install. Simply follow these steps:

Typically located in the upper right corner of the fridge, the filter will have one of two types of releases, push or pull.

If it is a push tab, the tab will be located in the front of the filter housing:

1.)    Open the housing by pushing the tab in to release the latch.

2.)    Remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise until it releases.

3.)    Pull the filter straight out

4.)    To replace the filter, simply reverse the process

If it is a pull tab, it will be recessed on the front underside of the cover:

1.)    Remove the housing cover by locating the recessed tab.

2.)    Pull it forward to release the latch.

3.)    Turn the filter one quarter turn counterclockwise.

4.)    Pull the filter straight out.

5.)    To replace the filter, simply reverse the process.

Remember, after replacing the filter, flush approximately 2 gallons of water through the filter before using.

Change Your Water Filter Routinely

Filters don’t last forever! Over time, as more and more water passes through the UKF8001 filter, the carbon will begin to degrade.  This means that the carbon is not as effective at capturing the undesirable foreign materials in your tap water supply.  A fridge filter that is running at less than maximum capacity can potentially raise a number of issues such as increased health risks and energy costs.  To reduce the risk of future maintenance or health concerns, make sure to perform routine filter changes as least once every six months. For high quality filters at the best prices, check out our fridge filter selection.

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