Know Your Fridge Filter: UKF-9001

The UKF-9001 refrigerator water filter works to ensure your home has a constant supply of fresh, clean water for drinking or cooking. This efficient filter helps to clean water through your refrigerator effortlessly. You’ll enjoy refreshing water every time you like when you replace your existing water filter with a new one. The UKF-9001 water filter removes substances from your indoor water supply improving the taste. This specific model of water filter works in a variety of refrigerator brands and models.

How It Worksmwf filter diagram

The UKF-9001 filtration system is designed to scientifically remove undesirable materials from an indoor water supply. It does this by activating carbon within the filter to remove impurities. This activated carbon is a unique component to the process. The process helps to create an extremely porous carbon and, with the increased amount of surface area, it aids in absorption. Until “absorption,” adsorption works to draw in liquid, gas and dissolved components to the surface.

What does this mean in terms of your UKF-9001 filter system? When installed, water will come into the chamber from the water line. The water fills the chamber and then is pushed through an inner component that holds the active carbon. This allows the carbon to adhere to undesirable components in the water including cysts, lead, chlorine, bacteria, mold, and asbestos. When this happens, these undesirable products latch onto the carbon and remain there. The water, on the other hand, passes through the carbon and out into your glass when you access it from the fridge. You end up with crystal clear water that’s free of these containments.

Installing the UKF-9001

To replace an existing water filter with a new UKF-9001, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

#1: Locate the location of your water filter. It may be in the upper right corner or in the center of the drawers.

#2: If it has a push tab, the most common option, you’ll want to locate the tab (usually on the top of the filter housing) and push the tab in. This will allow a latch to become available. Hold onto the latch and turn the filter in a counterclockwise motion while pulling slightly forward. The filter will come straight out.

#3: If you have a pull tab, you’ll notice it is recessed on the front underside component of the cover. Remove the outer housing and pull it towards you to release the latch. Then, turn the filter a quarter turn in a counterclockwise motion. It should then pull straight out.

#4: To replace the UKF-9001 water filter, simply reverse the processed used. Then, flush about two gallons of water through the filter before using it for drinking.

Keep Your Filter Clean

Refrigerator water filters require replacement on a regular basis, generally based on how often you use them. If you do not replace the water filters often enough, the carbon degrades and becomes less effective. You’ll notice that less fluid comes out as fast when this occurs. Even if the water filter is running at slightly less the capacity it used to, this can reduce your ability to have bacteria-free water to drink. It’s recommended that you do this at least one time every six months. Discount fridge filters are available.

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