Know Your Fridge Filter T1WG2L

water and ice from the T1WG2L water filterWater is essential to life, but just drinking any kind of water isn’t a good idea. In fact, the death rate in third world countries is high because people don’t have access to clean drinking. Luckily, in United States, we don’t have the same worries as other, less developed countries, as we have access to relatively safe drinking water on a regular basis. While the safety of tap water might be questionable in many parts of the United States, bottled water has become a popular and costly replacement, that is not always guaranteed to be as healthier than your tap water. However, what about the safety of bottled water? It is as safe as everyone believes?

The environment

Bottled water is very convenient, which is one reason for its popularity. It’s portable, and once the bottle is empty, it can be easily tossed in the trash. Tossing empty plastic bottles in the trash is a major problem, however. Plastic is a material that isn’t environmentally friendly due to the fact that it’s not biodegradable. In other words, once plastic water bottles are thrown away, they end up piling up in landfills.


Filtered water: a safer alternative to bottled waterWhirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

If you refuse to drink tap water and now you’re not so sure about bottled water, then one great alternative is using the T1WG2L filter to get filtered water. A water filtration system can quickly and efficiently transform your tap water into clean, delicious-tasting water that won’t pose a risk to your health. Of course not just any water filter will suffice, because you need one that is proven to filter out as much of any potentially harmful substances as possible.

So if you’re worried that the bottled water you have been drinking may not be much better than tap water, then by filtering it in your home with a high quality system, you can ensure you’re drinking clean water. Not only will your water taste a great deal better by opting to filter it at home, but by using the proper water filter, like the T1WG2L,  you can rest assured that your water is safe.

Installation Instructions for the T1WG2L

  1. Locate the water filter at the bottom of your refrigerator in the grille.
  2. Firmly push the filter in until you hear a click that releases the filter.
  3. Remove the old filter and the red tops that are attached.
  4. Discard the old filter.
  5. Put the red caps back on the new filter.
  6. Insert the new filter into the refrigerator compartment.
  7. Flush two gallons through the refrigerator and discard the first batch of ice.

Flushing your water filter assures that it is ready to properly filter your tap water to provide you with clean uncontaminated water. Remember that to always have fresh clean water in your home to use discount filters and to change your water filter every six-months. You may need to change your filter earlier if you use your water filter more often, this just assures that the water you get from your refrigerator is up to the highest standards.

Compatible Filters with the T1WG2L Water Filter



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