Know Your Fridge Filter: SGF-LA07

The SGF-LA07 water filter works efficiently to give you and your household water that is clear, clean and refreshing.  With this filter in place, you will no longer need to worry about drinking dirty water.  The SGF-LA07 fridge filter removes substances that are undesirable from your water supply indoors and makes the water taste better once the impurities have been removed.  This refrigerator water filters is one of high quality and is also one addition to your kitchen that will not be regretted.  Not only does the filter protect your household, but it works with a vast array of refrigerator models and brands.

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Filter Process

The SGF-LA07 uses a filtration process that has been scientifically engineered that utilizes active carbon in order to remove the impurities from the tap water in your home.  This type of carbon is designed in such a way that it is incredibly porous.  This means that the surface area is actually increased.  This larger surface area allows it to be more adsorbent.  Adsorbent means that the impurities stick to the surface of the carbon.

When the water enters the chamber from your refrigerator, it passes through a chamber where the activated carbon is.  As this happens, the impurities sick to the carbon leaving you with clean water. This process removes dirt, sediment, chlorine and other harmful chemicals from the water to leave it clean and healthy.

Installing Your Filter

The SGF-LA07 or the ADQ36006101 is one of the discount fridge filters that is easily installed.  Here is how.

If the filter housing in your refrigerator has a push tab then just:

  1. Push the tab in to open the housing
  2. Take the old filter out by rotating it counterclockwise until it is released
  3. Pull out the old filter
  4. Put the new one in rotating it clockwise, close the housing and you are done.

If your filer housing has a pull tab, simply:

  1. Take off the housing cover by pushing the recessed tab in
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull it straight out and replace it with the new one
  4. Turn the filter clockwise until it is secure and then close the housing

It is important to keep in mind that you will need to flush about 2 gallons of water through your new filter before you use it.

Change it On Time

We all know that a filter will not last forever.  As more and more water comes through it, the carbon will start to degrade.  What this means is that it will not be as effective at getting all of those impurities out of the water.  A refrigerator filter that runs as a less than optimal capacity can mean that there are a number of unwanted issues that can occur.  This includes energy costs that are raised as well as health risks.  In order to make sure that none of this occurs, you need to remember to change the filter out twice a year (every 6 months).  This will mean that you and your family get that refreshing clean water all of the time!

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