Know Your Fridge Filter RWFFRSXS

Drinking filtered water from the RWFFRSXSThere is nothing as refreshing as a glass of cold crisp water to quench a thirst. But is the water coming out of your tap safe to drink? It is now – thanks to the RWFFRSXS refrigeration water filter. This filter has been designed to strip any contaminant from your drinking water, leaving you with a supply of great tasting, contaminant free water..

Find yourself smelling odd odors coming form your household tap? No worries. This water filter will take care of that. Enjoy the taste of fresh clean water once again. This is one water filter that gets rid of the taste and odor chlorine that most people simply learn to live with. In addition to making your water taste great, this specialized refrigeration filter has been tested by the NSF International and is known to reduce dangerous cysts, turbidity and other chemicals and impurities which can taint the taste and safety of household water supplies.

Not only does the RWFFRSXS water filter make your drinking water safer, but it also gives you clear, safe, and tasteless ice to enjoy in your drinks.

Used in a variety of refrigerator models like Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid and Jenn-Air, this refrigeration filter is a high-quality water filter that many manufacturers trust, giving you the confidence of knowing it will supply your family with safe water every time.Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

How It Works

The process the RWFFRSXS water filter uses to remove those contaminates from your household’s drinking water supply is a simple one. Using an effective and scientifically engineered filtering process, the RWFFRSXS uses a porous form of activated carbon to filter out all of the impurities in your water. By simply running the water from your tap through the carbon (which traps impurities), the water coming out of the refrigerator and ice machine is clean, clear and safe.

All of the unwanted product is then stored in the filter and thrown out when it is replaced.

How To Install Refrigeration Water Filters

Replacing an old water filter is easy. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the filter.
  • Push the button to extract the old filter.
  • Remove the cap form the filter (twist counter clockwise).
  • Reinstall cap on the new filter.
  • Remove the red caps from the new filter ends.
  • Insert new filter into refrigerator.
  • Be sure to push until you hear a click.
  • Flush the filter – run at least 2 gallons of water through new filter before drinking the water.

Refrigeration Filter Maintenance

Once installed, there really isn’t anything you have to do to keep fresh water running except for regularly changing out the filter in your refrigerator. Remember, toxins build up inside the filter when used, so be sure to replace your water filter every six months to ensure that the water coming form the spout is fresh and clean every time.



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