ukf8001 replacement filter: rwffr

Know Your Fridge Filter: RWFFR

ukf8001 filtered water in glassThe RWFFR refrigerator water filter is a highly effective, inexpensive filtration solution designed to replace the UKF8001 model filter.  Here at, we believe clean and better tasting water should be easily attainable to everyone.  This is why we choose to sell aftermarket filters in addition to the OEM parts.  They are put through a lot of quality testing to ensure that if you purchase the less expensive option, the quality won’t be any lower.  Clean and better tasting water and ice is possible with the RWFFR fridge filter.  Stop buying water bottles to save money and the environment by drinking filtered tap water in your own home.

How Does It Work?

The RWFFR water filter is backed by a scientifically-tested filtration process.  Harnessing the power of one of the most advanced filtration techniques, activated carbon filtration, you can be sure that your home will only be supplied with the best water possible.  Activated carbon is a specially engineered form of carbon.  This form is designed specifically for filtration purposes.  Activated carbon’s surface is made up of tiny pores that allow water to pass through.  Any foreign substances in the water, however, are attracted to the activated carbon and get trapped in the pores.

Every time you want water from your fridge, water from your home’s supply enters the filter and gets pushed into the carbon chamber.  It seeps through one side of a carbon block unfiltered, and leaves out the other side, crystal clear.  All of this happens in a matter of a few seconds.

Installing Your RWFFR Filter

If you’re worried about not installing your new filter correctly, don’t sweat it.  The installation process is certainly easier and should take less time than other chores around the house.  This type of filter will be located in the upper right hand corner of your fridge. From there, the filter housing will have one of two types of releases:


PUSH: a button is located directly on the front of the housing, push it in to release the cover.

PULL: a tab is located on the underside of the housing, pull it towards you to release the cover.


After opening the housing, the cover should drop down and expose the old filter. The steps are the same at this point regardless of the type of release.

1. Twist the old filter counterclockwise until you feel it unlock.

2. Pull the filter straight out to remove it.

3. Insert the new filter and turn it clockwise until it locks in place.

4. Close the cover and you’re done!

But always remember to flush out your new filter for around five minutes before using it.


To make it even easier, here’s a video illustrating the installation process:

 Filter Replacementroutine ukf8001 fridge filter change reminder

As great as fridge filters are, supplying your family with clean and refreshing water for a low price, they need to be replaced eventually.  All brands and models of filters start to degrade after continual use, usually after six months.  After filtering out so many particles, the pores do less of a job of filtering out new particles.  This can lead to a decreased quality of water and maintenance issues.  This is why we recommend changing filters at least twice a year, and we make it easy by offering our filters in packs ranging from one to three filters.  We’ll even send you a friendly filter change reminder via email if you choose to do so.

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