Know Your Fridge Filter: RWF1011

While you may love the taste of the water that comes out of your refrigerator, there will come a day when it no longer tastes as fresh and clean as it once did. That is because fridge filters are not designed to last forever and eventually, need to replace it. Your fridge filter works hard to provide you with the best tasting water in your home. The RWF1011 filter lasts for 300 gallons or 6 months before it needs to be replaced. It is used in a variety of models including several from Samsung and is an inexpensive alternative to the DA29-00020B discount filter. There are many benefits to using water filters such as cost effectiveness, convenience, and protection against contaminants and toxins.

activated carbon from ukf8001

Filter Process

This refrigerator water filter is efficient because it uses an activated carbon block to filter contaminants out of the water. The water is filtered through the block and the impurities and contaminants are removed while passing through. This process also removes the chlorine so there is no odor or flavor left in the water. This process is not only cost-effective, but it is also a great economic alternative by reducing the number of plastic bottles used every year. Over time, it will save you a lot of money when compared to purchasing bottled water and also is good for the environment.

Changing Your Filter

The process to change the RWF1011 filter could not be easier or faster. You will spend very little time changing out the filter, you can have it done within a minute, and you need no tools to replace it. Follow these steps when it is time to change out the filter:

  1. Simply open up the fridge doors and locate the filter in your specific refrigerator. It will look like a circle and there will be a handle that says lock. You may also have a lock symbol above the handle.
  2. Once it is located, you will need to twist the handle counterclockwise to unlock the filter from the fridge.
  3. After unlocking it, you can easily pull out the old filter.
  4. Attach the new filter the way the old one was on the circle.
  5. After you have done that, all you need to do is put the filter back in the hole in the fridge and twist the handle to lock it. Be sure to firmly push the filter into place and turn until it is locked otherwise the water will not flow.
  6. Then you will need to do is reset the change filter light if your fridge has one.
  7. After it has been installed, you will need to flush 3-4 gallons of water through the filter until the water runs clear. It is not uncommon to hear noises during this process.

After that, you are ready to drink refreshing water from your fridge again. It really does not get any easier than that when it comes to replacing the filter in your fridge!

RWF1011 Specifications

  • Easy to install
  • 1.2 pounds in weight
  • Significantly reduces chlorine, sediment, dirt, and other contaminants like chlorine and turbidity
  • Begins working instantly and can provide you with ice and delicious water right after it is installed

Replacement Filter Reminder

Don’t forget to change your discount filter regularly to continue drinking delicious water from your fridge. The moment it starts tasting a bit off or if your change filter light comes on, it is time to change it. This filter is designed to last for 300 gallons of 6 months, whichever comes first. With the replacement process being so easy, there is no excuse. Immediately you will be able to taste the difference the new filter makes.


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