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Water from the REPLFLTR20 water filterThe REPLFLTR20 refrigerator water filter works seamlessly with your refrigerator’s water system to provide your family with crystal clear ice cubes and refreshingly, cool and healthy water, all on demand. Your water supply remains clean at all times without having to think about it as the high quality fridge filter removes all unwanted impurities from your water. The REPLFLTR20 filter fits in a large variety of makes and models of refrigerators and is easily compatible with the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1-3 water filter.

The Filtration ProcessWhirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

This water filter was designed by scientists to utilize activated carbon to remove the unwanted particles from the water in your home. Activated carbon is an extremely porous substance that allows for superior performance in trapping particles as they pass through the filter.

The tap water in your home enters the refrigerator from the rear water line and travel through the water filter. The water filter has activated carbon in the center to filter out impurities, such as lead, asbestos, mold, bacteria, cysts and chlorine. All of which can be very harmful to your family’s health. Clean water flows out of the filter and travel down two water lines. One water line leads to the dispenser to have chilled, clean water at all times. The other water line leads to the ice-maker in your refrigerator to produce clear and refreshing ice cubes for all of your beverages.

Filter Installation Instructions

The REPLFLTR20 water filter is quite easy to install. Many models for this type of filter are in the bottom grill area of your refrigerator, but it depends on the make and model of your refrigerator.

  1. Push the filter in, you should do this firmly so that you hear a pop or click and it is able to be pulled out.
  2. Remove the refrigerator caps from the ends of the filter.
  3. Discard the old filter.
  4. Attach the refrigerator caps on the new filter.
  5. Insert the filter into the compartment.
  6. Push firmly to make sure that the filter is properly in place, you should hear a click that lets you know it is secure.

It is very important that for each new filter installation you run roughly about two gallons through the filter. That way the carbon can begin to work and you can have guaranteed high quality filtered water from your fridge. There are lots of ways to environmentally conscious about what to do with the two gallons of flushed water, be creative and know that you are ready to receive clean, uncontaminated water from your refrigerator.

In The Refrigerator Installation


Refrigerator water filters that contain carbon begin to degrade over time. A rule of thumb is that you should change your filter every six months. If you forget to write down the date when you need to change your filter, you may begin to notice that the ice cubes are not full and have a hollow center, or the water and ice may obtain an odor or slight color. These are all signs that you need to change the REPLFLTR20 filter. The best practice is to keep an extra one on hand from Discount Filters, so your family will never have to drink water that is less than perfect.

Compatible Filters with the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1-3 Water Filter




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