Know Your Fridge Filter: PuriClean II

The PuriClean II Fridge Filter is an aftermarket water filtration solution that is designed to replace the UKF8001 model filter.  While its price reflects an aftermarket product, its quality is that of the OEM.  Never worry about that nasty “tap water taste” again.  Save money every year and the planet at the same by ditching water bottles and drinking filtered tap water.  This is a purchase you will not regret.

Activated Carboncarbon filter for ukf8001 replacement filter

The PuriClean II relies on activated carbon to filter out any impurities found in your water supply.  To break it down, activated carbon is just a specially engineered form of carbon.  It’s engineered to be made up of millions of tiny little pores (sort of like a sponge).  This increases its surface area and makes it really effective at adsorbing.  Whereas a sponge would absorb, or suck in a liquid, the act of adsorbing means that the water passes through the activated carbon and only particulates adhere to its surface.  For a more in depth look at activated carbon, check out one of our past blog posts.

Filtration Process

Every time you push the button or lever on your fridge for water, water gets pushed into an inner chamber of the filter.  It gets squeezed through the activated carbon, and comes out the other side as clean, filtered water.  Impurities that can be found in your home’s water supply include lead, chlorine, and mold.  The PuriClean II is especially effective at removing the smell and taste of chlorine, which your city’s purification plant uses to clean the public water supply.  The chlorine level is too low to be harmful, but it doesn’t taste the best.

Installing the PuriClean II

So you just bought your filter and are ready for clean, better tasting water.  Don’t worry, the installation process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.  The cartridge is located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator.  There will either be a tab under the cartridge or one right on the front.  If the tab is on the underside of the cartridge just pull it towards yourself and the filter cover should hang down and expose the actual filter.  If the tab is right on the front, simply push it to release the latch.

  1. Once the filter is exposed, twist it counterclockwise until it releases from the compartment.
  2. Pull the old filter straight out to remove it.
  3. Put in the new PuriClean II filter and rotate it clockwise until it locks.
  4. Close the cover.

Remember to run water through the filter for approximately 5 minutes before drinking or using the water.  You’re now ready to enjoy the best tasting tap water you’ve ever had!

Filter Replacementroutine ukf8001 fridge filter change reminder

It’s easy to forget the small things, but it’s important to always replace your filter at least twice per year.  After continual use, the carbon block within the filter can begin to degrade.  This will mean that some substances could start to make it through unfiltered.  We make it easy by sending a friendly email reminder every six months to remind you that it’s time to replace your filter.

If we’ve convinced you to order our UKF8001 replacement, then here’s a link to head over to the product page now!

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