Know Your Fridge Filter: PS2378001

You’ll never have to worry about drinking impure water again when you use the PS2378001 refrigerator water filter. This filter gives your clear, clean and refreshing water. The PS2378001 fridge filter removes unwanted substances from indoor water supplies so you always have access to healthy, clean, drinking water for cooking and beverage making purposes or for making crystal clear ice.

Benefits of the PS2378001 filter:

Water filters reduce these impurities from coming into your drinking water. These impurities consist of:

  • Dirt
  • Lead
  • Sand
  • Sediment
  • Cysts
  • Chlorine odor and taste


How the Filter Process Works

By relying on a process of filtration that activates carbon to eliminate impurities from your drinking water, the fridge filter PS2378001 thoroughly and safely purifies tap water. Activated carbon is a type of carbon that has a porous, increased surface area with which to initiate adsorption (not absorption), a process utilized by liquids, gasses or dissolved solids that facilitates attachment to a surface.

Filtration begins when water fills the refrigerator filter chamber and makes contact with activated carbon. Immediately, the carbon begins pulling out contaminating particulates that exist in your home’s water supply. Bacteria, mold, lead, chlorine, asbestos and chlorine are just a few undesireable substances that activ
ated carbon removes from tap water.

All unwanted particulates are trapped and contained in the activated carbon so that nothing but refreshingly pure, crystal clear water passes through the filter and into your glass.

Installing Your PS2378001 Refrigerator Filter

Follow these steps to install PS2378001 refrigerator filters:

These filters have either a push release or a pull release usually found in the upper right corners of refrigerators.

For installing push tabs:

  1. Push tabs will be located in front of filter housings
  2. Open the housing by pushing the tab in to open the housing and release the latch
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it releases–you’ll then be able to remove the filter
  4. Pull the filter out
  5. Reverse the process to replace the filter

For pull tabs:

  1. Pull tabs are recessed on the cover’s front underside
  2. Pull the tab forward until the latch is released
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise one quarter of a turn
  4. Remove the filter by pulling it straight out
  5. Just reverse these steps process when you need to replace the fridge filter

Remember to flush about two gallons of water through new filters before using them.

Make Sure to Replace Your Old Refrigerator Water Filter

Filters are like everything else–they stop working after constant use and need replaced. The activated carbon in the PS2378001 discount filter naturally degrades as gallons and gallons of water passes it. Eventually, the filter won’t be as effective at removing contaminants from your indoor water supply.

When you neglect to replace an old refrigerator filter, it operates much less efficiently and may raise the risk of you and your family experiencing health issues. In addition, overly utilized fridge filters require more energy to work at cleaning your water properly.

You can avoid dealing with potential problems by making sure you change your PS2378001 refrigerator filter every three to six months, depending on how much you use the filter.

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