Know Your Fridge Filter: PFCS1NJWSS

Depositphotos_26265663_m-2015The PFCS1NJWSS  (a replacement filter for the GE GSWF) is a water filter for your refrigerator that works efficiently in order to provide you and your family with water that is clear, clean and refreshing.  You will not need to worry about drinking dirty water ever again.  This is one of the water filters that will take the undesirable substances out of the indoor water supply so you get water that is healthy and clean, ice that is crystal clear and water for drinking and cooking that tastes better.  These high quality refrigerator filters are a great addition to your home.  This is also one of the refrigerator water filters that has the capability to fit many refrigerator models and brands.

Filter Process

These discount fridge filters use a filtration process that has been scientifically engineered.  It uses activated carbon as the filter to remove the impurities from the tap water in your home.  For those who are unfamiliar with activated carbon, it is a type of carbon that is incredibly porous.  All of the pores mean that the surface area is increased and this allows for fantastic adsorption…not to be confused with absorption.  Adsorption is where a dissolved solid, liquid or gas sticks to a surface.

The process of filtration begins as soon as the water gets into the filter chamber from your refrigerator.  As it fills with water, the water will be pushed through the inner chamber that contains the activated carbon.  This is where the carbon will attract the undesirable substances in your water supply.  These substances may be mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, cysts and even chlorine.  All of these substances are held by the carbon as the now clean water passes through leaving you with water that is refreshingly clean and crystal clear.

How to Install Your Filter

You will typically find the filter in the top right corner of your fridge.  The housing will either have a pull tab for release or a push tab.  If there is a push tab, it will be found in front of the housing.

  1. Push the tab in to release the housingGSWFinstall
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull the filter out
  4. Reverse the process to install the new filter

If the release is a pull tab, it will be on the underside of the front of the housing cover.

  1. Take the housing cover off by pulling the tab
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull the filter out
  4. Reverse the process to install the new filter

Remember to flush the new filter with approximately 2 gallons of water before use.

Change Your Filter Every 6 Months or Sooner

Water filters are not built to last forever.  As you run water through it, the carbon will eventually start to degrade.  This means that it will not be as effective as it should be.  A filter that is not running at maximum capacity can cause a few things to happen like higher energy costs and even health risks.  In order to reduce the risk of the health issues and higher energy costs, make sure that you change your filter at least twice a year.  If you want the best filters at the lowest prices, be sure to check out our selection of fridge filters.

Compatible Part Models for GE GSWF Refrigerator Water Filters

  • 100749-C
  • 100749C
  • 100810A
  • 215C1152P002
  • 238C2334P001
  • 35917-MN-1
  • 46-9914
  • 469914
  • 9914
  • AP3418061
  • EFF-6023A
  • GSWF
  • GTH22SHP
  • GTS18KHP
  • GTS18SHP
  • GTS22KHP
  • PC36011
  • PC56994
  • PC58696
  • PDS20MCP
  • PDS20SCP
  • PDS22MCP
  • PDS22SCP
  • PDS22SHR
  • PS951515
  • PTS22LHP
  • PTS22SHP
  • PTS25LHP
  • PTS25SHP
  • RWF1061
  • SGF-G22
  • WSG-2

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