MWF filter guide: mwfp

Know Your Fridge Filter: MWFP

If you’re like me, you forget the small things some times. Maybe you forgot to grab oil for the lawnmower on the way home, feed the cat, or make it to that dentist appointment. It happens.

That’s why is here to help with the small things. Not only do we offer low-cost, aftermarket fridge filters to replace the expensive OEM parts, we do so with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping and returns. An OEM filter like the GE MWF might go for nearly $50 while one of our aftermarket solutions would go for $20. When you buy a pack of three you’ll be saving of over $100 when you factor in the shipping savings and time saved by not having to drive to the store! One of these aftermarket filters is the MWFP. It is designed to replace your MWF refrigerator water filter with comparable quality at a fraction of the cost.

We have additional filter guides available here: UKF8001, 4396508.

How Does a Water Filter Work?

activated carbon from mwfThe key to most modern refrigerator filters is a specially designed form of carbon called, activated carbon. This substance is designed specifically with filtration purposes in mind. It’s even used in many of our air filters. It has a very large surface due to millions of tiny pores. These pores help move water through it’s surface while its unique properties attract impurities in the water. This process is known as adsorption and is illustrated in the diagram on the right.

It only takes a few seconds to dispense clean, filtered water from your fridge with the MWFP filter. Water is pushed into the filter’s inner chamber containing the activated carbon. The water filters through the carbon and any impurities in the tap water adhere to the carbon’s surface. The result is filtered water in your cup.

How Do You Install a Filter?

Installing your new MWFP filter is a simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes. The filter should be located inside your fridge, in the back top-right hand corner. Turn off your ice maker first before performing a replacement.

1. Grasp and turn the old filter 1/2 turn to the left.

2. Fill the new filter with water from the tap to allow better flow immediately.

3. Reverse the process to install your new filter.

4. Run water from the dispenser for about 3 minutes. This is known as flushing and helps to clear the system and prevent sputtering.

6. Press and hold the water filter button so that it will count down until the new filter becomes old.

Why Replacements Are Important

The MWFP replacement filter will provide your home with better-tasting drinking water for months to come. But, the recommended life of this filter, and most, is six months. Eventually, the carbon in the filter degrades in quality and will become over saturated with particles. This process might occur in less than 6 months depending on how harsh your water is.

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    I purchased some MWF. One box of 3 worked well. When I tried one from the new box it didn’t work. Looking into the hole my current one has a lip inside that seems to activate the water. The new ones don’t have that inner lip and don’t work. Hints? Help?

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