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Know Your Fridge Filter: MWFA

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that single-use water bottles are hundreds of times more expensive than tap water. Yes, it’s only a couple bucks for a 24-pack, but if you dispensed that much water from your sink, it’d be mere pennies. The biggest obstacle stopping people from switching to tap water is the taste. It’s true, tap water sometimes has a funky taste. But, all of this can be fixed with a refrigerator water dispenser. The MWFA model filter is a generic replacement for GE’s MWF filter.

Filtrationmwf filter diagram

Surprisingly, the OEM and aftermarket filter both use the same filtration process. The key to this filtration process is a special form of carbon called activated carbon. Now, activated carbon is an amazing substance, used specifically for filtration purposes (even in some air filters). Its surface is made of tiny pores. The pores help with the filtration process known as adsorption. Adsorption is different from absorption in that it allows the liquid to seep through the substance.

A sponge would soak up and hold unfiltered tap water without letting go. But, because of the special properties of activated carbon, it only holds particles in the water and lets the water filter through.

This process occurs in a matter of seconds, every time you dispense water from your fridge. Unfiltered tap water enters one side of the carbon block, particles like chlorine adhere to the surface of the block, and the water comes out clean on the other side. The MWF and MWFA both do this process, so it’s a no-brainer to purchase the generic MWFA water filter and save money!


Don’t worry, just watch our video or read the steps below and your MWFA water filter will be ready to go in a jiff!

1. Turn off your ice maker and locate the filter on the inside of the refrigerator (upper right-hand corner)

2. Rotate the cartridge 1/4 to the left and it should unlock.

3. Pull the filter straight down.

4. Simply reverse the process to install your new filter.

5. Flush water for approximately 3 minutes to prepare the system and turn your ice maker back on.


Just like the original filter, this one will need to be replaced eventually. We recommend replacing your water filter twice per year, and possibly more depending on the harshness of your water supply. It’s important to always replace the filter on time to ensure your fridge is working efficiently.

To see if the MWFA is right for your fridge, check out our Filter Finder on!

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