know your fridge filter: GE MWF replacement filter

Know Your Fridge Filter: MWF

ge mwf replacementHaving an MWF refrigerator water filter in your home can be one of the most effective measures taken to reduce the amount of foreign impurities in your drinking water supply. Working to purify your tap water, the MWF water filter is a high-quality fridge filter that is used in a variety of popular brands and models including GE, Hotpoint, and Kenmore.  This replacement water filter is designed to be an aftermarket substitute compatible with the GE MWF Filter. Reduce the instances of cysts, chlorine, sediment, sand, rust, and other impurities in your municipal or well water and enjoy healthy and clear water free of impurities with the MWF fridge filter.

How to Install Your MWF Filter

Installing your new MWF water filter is a simple process that should take no more than ten minutes. You should replace your filter once the indicator light turns red or if the flow of water to the dispenser or icemaker decreases.  If your fridge does not have an indicator light, a good schedule for filter changes is at least once every 6 months. To begin the installation process, first locate your water filter cartridge on your refrigerator.  This will typically be located in the back upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment. Once you’ve located your filter cartridge:

  1. Grasp and turn the old filter cartridge about ½ turn counter-clockwise to remove.
  2. Take the replacement filter and fill with water from the tap to allow for better flow immediately after installation.
  3. Place the top of the new cartridge up inside the cartridge holder.
  4. Turn the filter slowly until the filter cartridge stops. The cartridge will automatically raise itself into position as you turn the cartridge.  The cartridge will move about ½ turn. Be sure not to over tighten.

After installing your new MWF filter, run water from the dispenser for about 3 minutes (1-2 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.  If your refrigerator has a reset water filter button, press and hold.  Now your MWF is properly installed and ready to provide your home with refreshingly healthy and better-tasting drinking water.

Explaining the Filtration Process

How exactly does the MWF fridge filter remove unwanted substances from your tap water? The answer is simple:  activated carbon.  This extremely porous form of carbon has an increased amount of surface area.  This makes the substance ideal for attracting and capturing foreign particulate in your water supply.  The MWF filter has a block of activated carbon contained in an inner chamber of the filter which gives this replacement filter its effective filtration power.

mwf filtered water in glassYour tap water begins to be filtered as soon as tap water enters the filter chamber.  As water rushing into the filter comes into contact with the activated carbon block inside, the carbon captures any undesirable substance that may be present.  Clean water is then passed through the filter and pushed back out.  From this process, pathogen-free and crystal clear drinking water is produced in a matter of seconds!

Why You Should Change Your Filter

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind of never having to worry about drinking contaminated water, but your MWF filter won’t last forever! Refrigerator water filters like the MWF need to be replaced at least once every six months.  As more and more water passes through the filter chamber, the carbon will begin to degrade and lose its efficacy over time. This can lead to a drop in water quality as well as an increased risk for potential health and maintenance issues.  These problems are easily preventable by making sure that you perform routine filter changes when necessary so that you can enjoy refreshing and clear drinking water at all times.

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  1. I think it is really cool that MWF filters use a block of activated carbon to filter water in a fridge. My parents are replacing their filters soon, and they are thinking about getting a fridge that has a water dispenser. Maybe they’ll get one that had an MWF filter, then I can tell them about how their fridge works a little bit.

  2. If your refrigerator has a reset water filter button, press and hold. Now your MWF is properly installed and ready to provide your home with refreshingly healthy and better-tasting drinking water.

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