4396508 replacement filter: l400

Know Your Fridge Filter: L400

Looking for a replacement filter for your old 4396508 Model Filter? The L400 is an inexpensive filtration solution that works just as well as the OEM. Save money by not only switching to tap water, but choosing this aftermarket filter that will get the job done at a fraction of the price. The L400 takes advantage of a scientifically-tested filtration process to improve the taste and quality of your tap water. If you don’t like tap water, it’s because you’ve never had filtered tap water.

Installing Your New L400 Filter

So you’ve bought your new filter, received it in a couple days (with free shipping!), now what? The installation process is easy as pie. First, the filter should be located at the bottom of your fridge, in the grille. If it’s not there, just the back of the fridge or at the top right on the inside. Always remember to turn off your ice maker when installing a new water filter.

1. Twist the cap one quarter turn counterclockwise to unlock the filter.

2. Pull it straight out.

3. Remove the cap by sliding it off the old filter, and slide it onto the new one.

4. Insert the new filter with the cap in a vertical position.

5. To lock it, twist the cap one quarter turn clockwise.

6. Flush out approximately 3-4 gallons of water.

7. Turn your ice maker back on and enjoy!


Here’s a video tutorial for you visual learners:

How Does My Filter Work?

The filtration process occurs every time you get water from your refrigerator. Water runs from your home’s supply into the filter. As the water is pushed through the filter’s4396508 Water Filter diagram inner chamber, it comes into contact with the filtering substance, activated carbon. Activated carbon is a form of carbon specially designed to work as a filter. This form of carbon is used in most water filters as well as different types of air filters. Activated carbon is made up of millions of little pores that allow the water to seep through. Due to the carbon’s special properties, impurities such as chlorine are attracted to its surface and get trapped there. So in a matter of seconds, unfiltered tap water turns into clean, better tasting water.

The L400 refrigerator water filter is best at removing the taste and odor of chlorine in you tap water. Your city’s water treatment plant most likely uses chlorine to rid the public water supply of waterborne pathogens. While the amount you drink is completely harmless, it’s not exactly what you want to taste when you want a refreshing cup of water. The chlorine in your water supply is most likely responsible for that weird “tap water taste” that everyone complains about.

How Long Does My Filter Last?

After months of use, the carbon block in your filter will start to degrade and become saturated with impurities. This can lower the quality of your water, and if not replaced soon enough, can lead to maintenance and health issues. This is why we recommend replacing your fridge filter at least two times each year. We make replacement convenient by offering packs of multiple filters and sending friendly filter change reminders after six months go by.

To see if the L400 is right for your fridge, use our nifty Filter Finder.

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