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Know Your Fridge Filter: HWFA believes it should easy for people to access clean, filtered water. That’s why we offer 100% free shipping & returns all the time, no questions asked. We also offer aftermarket products that will save you a ton compared to the OEM filters. One such aftermarket replacement is the HWFA. It is designed to replace GE’s MWF water filter.  In addition to all of the money you’ll save on, you won’t find more valuable and expert information on everything you need to know about your filters.

For other filter guides click the links to the right: UKF8001 and 4396508.

mwf filter diagramHow refrigerator water filters work

Most modern refrigerators, including the HWFA, take advantage of a specially-designed substance made specifically for filtration purposes. This substance is called activated carbon. Activated carbon is engineered from regular carbon so that the surface area is increased. Its surface is made of pores, making it porous and allowing water to seep through.

Every time you dispense water from your fridge, water enters the inner chamber of the filter containing the activated carbon. As the water is pushed through, any impurities present will become attracted to the carbon’s surface and be trapped there. This results in clean, better tasting what in just a matter of seconds every time. Impurities found in tap water can range from chlorine to rust.

The way almost all public water is disinfected is with chlorine. Since the country started disinfecting water, the number of water-borne illnesses has significantly dropped and is now incredibly rare. The same goes for other modern countries that effectively disinfect the public water supply. The main trade-off is that enough chlorine may be present in your tap water to result in a weird taste or smell. This is probably what most people refer to when they talk about that yucky “tap water taste” and why they refuse to drink it. But a water filter will change that completely and improve the taste to that of bottled water.

Installing a refrigerator water filter

Installing a filter is simple and will only take a few minutes when you follow along with the video or read the steps below.

1. Twist the filter to the left to unlock it.

2. The filter should pop out and be easily removed straight out.

3. Saturate your new filter with water to better prep it for filtration.

4. Reverse step one and two as well as the twisting direction to lock the new filter in place.

5. Flush water through your filter for at least three minutes and then you’re ready to go.

Why replacing water filters is important

Just like with air filters, water filters eventually become clogged with particles and become less effective as filtration devices. We recommend replacing your HWFA every 6 months to ensure that your home is always supplied with the best drinking water. A really old filter can even cause maintenance issues within your fridge.


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