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Know Your Fridge Filter: HWF

The GE MWF model filter is a popular filter model that comes standard in refrigerator brands and models such as Hotpoint and Kenmore. When it comes to things at the top of your to-do list, remembering to replace your water filter is most likely further down the page. But, it’s important to always have an effective water filter in your fridge, other wise you might as well have no filter if your fridge has a really old one.

If your fridge came with the MWF filter, you’ll probably search for that exact model to replace it. But, currently, this OEM filter is over twice as expensive as our recommended aftermarket filter, the HWF. The HWF replacement filter possesses comparable filtration quality at a fraction of the cost of the OEM MWF.

HWF Filtration Processmwf filter diagram

The key to both the OEM and aftermarket MWF filters (and most other fridge filters today) is activated carbon. Activated carbon is a specially engineered version of carbon designed specifically for filtration purposes. Its surface is made up of tiny pores that create the perfect setup for adsorption. Adsorption is just a fancy word for filtration. An object that absorbs would hold the tap water and not let go. But an object that adsorbs allows water to filter through and leave out the other side. Due to the unique properties of activated carbon, impurities in your unfiltered water are attracted to its surface and are trapped there.

The diagram on the right illustrates the HWF filtration process. This process occurs every time water is dispensed from your refrigerator, all in a matter of seconds.

HWF Installation

By watching the video below and/or reading the steps, your HWF water filter will be installed and ready to go in just a few minutes.

Be sure to shut off your ice maker beforehand. Your filter should be located in the back of the inside of your fridge (upper right).

1. Twist the filter cartridge to the left one quarter turn.

2. The filter should pop out and be removed easily.

3. Installing your new filter is as easy as reversing the process above.

4. Insert the filter in its place holder and turn 1/4 to the right to lock.

5. Always remember to flush water from your fridge for approximately 3 minutes to prepare the filter for use.

6. Turn the ice maker back on and enjoy!

Replacement Time

Six months later, after all the clean, better tasting water you could want, the filter will start to degrade in quality. The activated carbon block can only filter out so many substances before it becomes over saturated and clogged. You’ll notice that you need to replace the filter when water comes out slower than usual, you notice changes in taste or odor, or the water is cloudy. We recommend swapping filters twice a year and possibly more depending on the harshness of your home’s water supply.



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