Know Your Fridge Filter: HDX-FMS-2

The HDX-FMS-2 is one of our most popular refrigerator water filters that benefits households seeking to have clean, fresh, and refreshing water. It is also a replacement for our DA29-000020B filter. Individuals and families no longer have to worry about water tasting “off” or health risks regarding tap water. On a daily basis, water sources are being contaminated with a variety of substances. Typically the filtering process at said sources, all of those substances are not completely removed. There is a clear difference in the taste of water that is pure, healthier, and filtered compared to unfiltered water. Having a water filter can save households who purchase bottled water for around $100 per year. In addition to saving money, households also lessen their carbon footprint on the world. Filtered water can affect the taste of ice and beverages (for the better) that you make including water as an ingredient.


Filtering Process

This discount filter is created with the consumer in mind with high quality measurements and quality control taken into consideration. It is ensured to remove unfavorable substances in order to produce crisp tasting water. The filter process starts out by adding water into the filter’s chamber attached to your faucet. Once the filter recognizes that it contains water, the activated carbon begins removing the impurities from tap water in your home. Activated carbon assists in adsorption (as a sponge so to speak) and creates a surface to soak up any contamination it comes in contact with. Once all of the pollution like chemicals are removed from the water, the clean water pushes through to your glass while the carbon keeps all of the objectionable particles.


Removing and Replacing Filter Methods

Installing the HDX-FMS-2 refrigerator water filter within your refrigerator is fairly simple and includes an easy step-by-step process whether your filter housing has a push or pull tab option.


For push tabs, your tab will be located directly in front of the filter’s housing.

1) Begin by opening up the housing on your refrigerator (which is usually on the top right hand side) pushing the tab in order to release the latch.

2) To remove the current filter, simply twist it counterclock wise and slowly pull it out.

3) Insert your new filter in and turn it clockwise accordingly.


If your refrigerator has a pull tab, then it will be located underneath the cover on the front underside.

1) Once you locate your housing cover, gently remove it by pilling the tab.

2) Pull the cover towards you slowly in order to release the latch inside.

3) Turn the current filter ¼ counter-clockwise in order to release it.

4) Slowly remove that filter and properly dispose of it.

5) To insert your new filter, simply insert it into the housing cover, yet turn it ¼ clockwise.

Effective Maintenance of Your Water Filter













It is very important to understand that while fridge filters are an amazing investment they do not last forever. Essentially after continuous and consistent use, the activated carbon, which helps clarify the water, will begin to degrade and become less effective for the process.


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