Know Your Fridge Filter: HDX-FML-3 / ADQ36006101

Working with the utmost efficiency, the HDX-FML-3 water filter, or otherwise known as the ADQ36006101 water filter, will provide a constant source of refreshing and clean water for your household. By removing all particles and contaminants from the water coming into your house, you can be confident that your household will have access to clean and clear water. With the HDX-FML-3 or ADQ36006101 discount filter, you won’t need to worry about your drinking water being impure. Use the filtered drinking water to make ice and it will be crystal clear without an aftertaste. Use it for making coffee, tea or other beverages, and you will be able to taste the pure beverage without water infiltrates. Top quality refrigerator water filters are a wise investment that pays you back every day with clean and fresh water. As with all of our discount fridge filters, the ADQ36006101 filter is suitable for a variety of brands and models of refrigerators.


Water Filtering Process

The HDX-FML-3 / adq36006101 filter uses an efficient filtration process consisting of activated carbon to rid your home’s water supply of impurities. Activated carbon is a substance that is especially porous, which gives it an increased amount of surface area. The extra surface area means that there is better adsorption, meaning that the dissolved solids, gases and liquid substances adhere to a given surface.

As the incoming water goes into the water filter chamber from your refrigerator’s water line, the process of filtration begins. The HDX-FML-3 filter becomes filled with the water, which is then forced through an activated carbon chamber, where the unwanted substances such as chlorine, bacteria, lead, mold and asbestos adhere to the carbon. After this process, only clean water passes through to your drinking water system, resulting in sparkling clear water that is refreshing and without impurities.

Installing your HDX-FML-3 / ADQ36006101 Filter

Begin by finding your discount refrigerator water filter. Filters are normally located in the right upper corner of the unit. Whether it has a push release or a pull tab, use these simple steps to install each type of fridge filter:

Push tab filters are in the front portion of the filter’s housing.

  1. Push the tab to release the latch on the housing.
  2. Take the filter out by rotating it counterclockwise.
  3. Pulling straight out, release the filter.
  4. Install the new filter by reversing the above steps.

Pull tab filters are recessed towards the front underside portion of the cover.

  1. Find the recessed tab and take off the housing cover.
  2. Yank it forward so the latch will release.
  3. Give it a one-quarter turn counterclockwise.
  4. Pull the filter straight out.
  5. Install the new filter by reversing the above steps.

After replacing refrigerator water filters, run about two gallons of fresh water through.

Important Maintenance of Refrigerator Water Filters

As you use your adq36006101 filter, the carbon will lose its effectiveness. Rather than having foreign substances leach into your water, change the filter routinely. Changing water filters every six months will minimize energy costs while keeping your water safe to drink. Take a look at our selection of discounted fridge water filters for the best prices.

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