Know Your Fridge Filter: HAFCUI

Filtering water is essential to eliminating harmful pathogens from the water that you drink. The HAFCUI refrigerator water filters rid water of materials that are found in regular tap water. Tap water may contain lead, arsenic, sand, mercury, sediment, chlorine, and other harmful pollutants, which can cause serious health issues. Of course, you want to be reassured that your drinking water is safe. Be confident and know that HAFCUI filters will eliminate unwanted substances from your indoor water supply. These water filters will leave your water with a crystal clear color and a smooth refreshing taste.


The Filtration Process and How It Works

Because tap water contains a multitude of tainted particles, it is crucial that water be purified before you drink it. Water filtration is the process of removing unwelcome chemicals or impurities from the water supply. The discount fridge filter, DA29-00003G replacement, reduces up to 99% of contaminants by using activated carbon to absorb dangerous fragments and eliminate them from drinking water. Carbon is a naturally occurring element. Once it is processed with oxygen, miniscule pores are created. This highly efficient process causes the carbon to become activated. Unwanted chemicals, such as arsenic, sand, and lead bind to the activated carbon. The carbon then absorbs these unhealthy materials, making the water odor-free and safer to drink.

How to Properly Install Your Water Filters

When it is time to install your refrigerator water filter the task may seem overwhelming. If you follow these simple steps, you will see that replacing your refrigerator water filters is actually fairly simple.

  1. Locate the filter housing, in the top right-hand corner of the fridge.
  2. Twist the old filter to the left, counterclockwise, to unlock.
  3. Pull it straight down, remove and discard.
  4. Install the new HAFCUI by pushing it into the filter house.
  5. Turn the new filter to the right, clockwise.

After installing the new filter it is necessary to flush the water. Place a large pitcher beneath the water dispenser. Allow the water to pour into the pitcher and throw this water away. Continue to dispense water until it is clear and odorless. This process takes several minutes and approximately two gallons.

When to Replace Your Filter

If you want to continue to have clean drinking water with an excellent taste, you need to change your filter every six months. After a time, the activated carbon begins to degrade. Once it begins to lose its activation, carbon is less effective against trapping potentially dangerous chemicals. The HAFCUI is designed to keep your water free of pollutants, so change your filter regularly. Most newer model refrigerators have an alert signal that lets you know when it is time for a new filter change, but it is still important to have a reminder for yourself. Put it in your electronic calendar or write it down. To continue to supply your family with fresh water, it is important to change your refrigerator filter.


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