Know Your Fridge Filter: HAFCIN

The replacement HAFCIN refrigerator water filter will provide your entire family with refreshing and clean drinking water for months to come. The HAFCIN replacement filter produces both healthy, great-tasting water and crystal clear ice in many side-by-side and French door refrigerator units. HAFCIN water filters maintain the highest of standards and only require replacement on a six-month basis. On average, the water filter will clean a staggering 350 gallons of tap water after a single installation. The DA29-00020B replacement line of refrigerator water filters fit a variety of fridge models, but they are most often compatible with Samsung brand refrigerator units.



Filtration Process

All discount water filters are tested and certified by the NSF International—a non-profit organization dedicated to public health and safety. The refrigerator filters are tested to ensure the brand’s carbon filtration process removes harmful contaminants from drinking water. The HAFCIN models use a high-grade carbon block to remove more than 99% of all potential contaminants from each batch of water. As water travels through the refrigerator lines into the carbon chamber of the filter, heavy metals and microbial cysts are eliminated instantly. Lead, rust, and parasites all pose a danger to human health and these contaminants will be thoroughly removed during filtration. Chlorine is commonly added to tap water and can alter the taste and smell of drinking water. The HAFCIN line of refrigerator filters improve the quality of your water by removing any unpleasant tastes and odors caused by the chlorine.

Installing HAFCIN Water Filters

Installing the HAFCIN refrigerator water filter is simple and will not require any professional assistance.

  1. Start off by turning off the main water supply valve to your refrigerator.
  2. Locate the old cartridge inside your refrigerator unit. Remove the old filter by grasping the filter firmly and turning in a counter-clockwise direction. Once loosened, pull the filter gently out and discard the casing.
  3. Line up the new water filter onto the top of the filter receiver. Turn the refrigerator filter clockwise until it locks in place.
  4. Turn the main water supply back on.
  5. Flush about two gallons of water through the new replacement filter before using to remove any air in the water line.

Refrigerator Filter Replacements

01-filterGraphic-RFW115Although six months is the general guideline for replacing a water filter, you may need to adjust your time frame for
reordering. The carbon will begin to break down over time and the filter’s effectiveness will decrease. Routine filter changes will keep your refrigerator running properly and protect the health of all members of your household. Refrigerators with digital panels will often have a filter light indicator. When the light is yellow, it is time to order your replacement refrigerator filter. When replacement is required, the light will turn red. You no longer have to worry about any high costs associated with replacing your HAFCIN water filter. Discount fridge filters can be purchased here at a fraction of the cost of store-brand versions. The water filters are all of the highest of quality, but a cost-effective alternative to factory brands.

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