Know Your Fridge Filter: HAF-CIN

The HAF-CIN water filter works to provide you and your family with water that is clean, clear and free from contaminants.  With this filter in your refrigerator, you will no longer need to concern yourself with wondering if your water has anything undesirable in it.  These discount filters remove all of those substances from your water so that what you are left with is great tasting water that is healthy and clean.  The ice it makes will be crystal clear too.  This is one of the high – quality refrigerator water filters that you will never regret getting for your home.  This DA29-00020B replacement refrigerator filter have the additional capability of being able to fit into many makes and models of refrigerators.


Filtration Processactivated carbon from ukf8001

The filtration process that is used in the HAF-CIN filter has been scientifically engineered.  It centers around activated carbon.  This is a type of carbon that has been made more porous in order to increase its surface area.  This allows for it to be incredibly adsorbent.  Adsorbent means that instead of taking the contaminants into itself as it would with absorbency, the contaminants stick to the surface of it.

The process of filtration starts when the water comes from the refrigerator into the filter.  As the filter fills up, the water is then pushed into the chamber where the carbon is.  As the water passes through that chamber, the carbon attracts contaminants such as mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, cysts and chlorine leaving you with water that is not just crystal clear but is also great tasting.

Installing the Filter

Most refrigerators will have the filter housing located in the upper right corner.  This housing will be accessible through either a pull tab or a push tab.  If it is a push tab:

  1. Push the tab in to open the housing
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until you can pull it out
  3. Reverse the process to install the new one

If you have a pull tab:

  1. Pull the tab to release the housing cover
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release it and then pull it out
  3. Reverse the process to install the new one

Always remember to flush a minimum of 2 gallons through the new filter before using it.

Replace it Often

It is important to remember that no fridge filter will last forever.  Over time, and as more water passes through the filter, the carbon will begin to deteriorate.  This means that it will not be able to get all of the contaminants out of the water as it should.  This could lead to both health risks and could also lead to your energy costs increasing.  If you want to minimize health concerns and the risk of having to perform future maintenance on your refrigerator, it is recommended that you change out the water filter at least 2 times each year.  For the highest quality refrigerator water filters, you should check out our discount water filters section where you will find all of the filters you will need.



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