Know Your Fridge Filter: FML-3

Water filters are not just a luxury, they are a health benefit everyone should have in their home. The FML-3 model is also known as the adq36006101 and is a robust little unit among discount water filters. Completely sealed and functional as a complete assembly that just needs to be snapped in and applied. Like most filters, the adq36006101 filter reduces the amount of impurities in your drinking water. From there, the refrigerator’s water flow goes through the filter and the output is a cleaner, healthier drink that has none of the material, potential microbes and contamination mentioned above. LT700_14


The Filtering Process

Our discount refrigerator water filters use a technology known as activated carbon or activated charcoal to capture minerals, minute bacteria and impurities that often get past municipal water safety systems. What is considered safe by city standards still has impurities in it when the water comes out of the home tap source. The carbon filtering in water filters ensures those same impurities never make it into your drinking container or cup.


Inserting the adq36006101 refrigerator water filter is not difficult at all, and anyone can do the job if you can bend down (most filter cavities are at the floor level of the refrigerator but some are on the side). Follow the below steps:

  1. First, remove the protective cover door over the filter cavity in the refrigerator. This may be located in the bottom of the refrigerator or on the side. It depends on the model.
  2. With the door open, twist and pull out the old filter. Some units just spring out, some twist and unlock. You should not have to force anything to work.
  3. Next, unpack the new filter and insert it correctly into the refrigerator cavity.
  4. Twist and set it into place. Again, nothing should be forced to fit.
  5. With the filter in place, the cover can be put back in place and sealed. Some snap shut, and some twist shut. Again, this varies by refrigerator unit.
  6. At least a gallon of water should then be run through the new filter to prime it before using. Take the test water run to water plants in your house or backyard so you don’t waste it.

If, on the odd chance that something gets stuck, like the filter, try to slowly reverse what you did. Refrigerator filters are built fairly tough, so its more likely you might damage a plastic cavity in the refrigerator itself than the filter. If you can’t get a good grip on the end, use a small pair of vise grips to grab the end and then slowly twist it free. This a rare situation, but removing the item slowly is the best way to solve the problem. Don’t try to use the damaged filter. Instead, check that there is no damage to the cavity and insert brand new discount fridge filters instead. It’s a lot less expensive than damaging your refrigerator and having to replace that instead.

You drink water everyday in food, direct, and in other drinks. Make sure its the best with a quality fridge filter.


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