Know Your Fridge Filter: Filter 1

Enjoy crystal clear ice cubes and a better tasting quality of drinking water for ordinary hydration or for making special beverages with the UKF8001 water filter. These high-quality refrigerator filters are an indispensable asset to any home, office or indoor living space.The Ukf8001 discount filter separates unwanted substances from your indoor drinking water supply thereby providing healthy and clean water for you and your family.  These filters are compatible with a variety of refrigerator brands and models, making it a likely fit for you.

How Ukf8001 Refrigerator Filters Work

ukf8001 Filter DiagramThe function of the water filter is quite simple, but it is the advanced design and materials that allow it to work as well as it does. By using a scientifically proven filtration process, unwanted contaminants in your water supply are removed, leaving behind only clean and fresh water. 

This is made possible by using a substance known as activated carbon. Activated carbon works on the same principle as activated charcoal, which is used to help overdose victims and people who have been poisoned, by absorbing the toxins they have consumed. Activated carbon is a highly porous form of carbon with an extremely high capacity for capturing and absorbing dirt, contaminants, and toxins. 

Water filters that incorporate this substance produce clean water when normal utility water is pumped through the filter. The water is pushed through the activated carbon within the filter. The activated carbon collects everything except the water, releasing clean and healthy water for your consumption. Bacteria, cysts, mold, lead, asbestos, and chlorine are all captured and separated from the water.  These substances are held within the activated carbon, away from your drinking water. 

The whole process takes place in just a matter of seconds, only slightly longer that it would normally take for water to pass through a pipe- just long enough to let you know that it is working to make your water clean and fresh. 


Installation is quite simple. It will take you no longer than ten minutes to install your refrigerator water filter, and after that you’ll be ready to enjoy clean, good tasting water for months. 

1. Push the tab in to open the casing.
2. Turn your filter counterclockwise until it snaps into place.
3. Pull the filter out.

To remove the filter after it has expired, simply reverse this simple process.

If your filter has a pull tab, use the following installation procedure instead.

1. Pull the recessed tab in to open the casing.
2. Turn your filter counterclockwise until it snaps into place.
3. Pull the filter out.

…and reverse the process to remove it. 


Once your filter is properly installed, flush it with two gallons of water to remove any packing debris.

Installing a high-quality refrigerator filter like the Ukf8001, rather than other discount fridge filters, is the best way to ensure your drinking water is fresh, healthy and a pleasure to drink all year long.

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