Know Your Fridge Filter: EFW-DA2920

Discount fridge filters can make one skeptical…that is, of course, unless it is the EFW – DA2920.  This water filter is one that will work diligently to provide you and your family with water that is more than just refreshing, it is also clean and clear.  You’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not the water that comes from your refrigerator is clean.  It will give you water that is healthy and clean and ice that is crystal clear.  When you use a the EFW-DA2920 filter, you will be able to minimize the health risks that are associated with dirty drinking water.  This is a high-quality fridge filter that will be an addition to your fridge that you will not regret.  Also, it is capable of fitting most refrigerator makes and brands.















Process of Filtration

This DA29-00020B replacement filter is one of the refrigerator water filters that uses a scientifically engineered process of filtration.  This process involves something called activated carbon.   What makes this type of carbon special?  The surface area of this carbon has been dramatically increased by making it incredibly porous.  Because of the surface area being increased, this carbon has superior adsorption abilities.  This is not to be confused with absorption.  With this type of filtration, the contaminants will stick to the surface of the carbon.

The process of filtration begins when the water first enters the filter chamber from your refrigerator.  As it fills up with water, the water is pushed into a chamber where the activated carbon is.  This is when the unwanted substances such as mold, lead, asbestos, bacteria, cysts and chlorine are removed from your water.  The end result is crystal clear water that tastes great.

Installing the Filter

This filter is incredibly easy to install.  Most refrigerators will have the filter housing in the upper right-hand corner of the refrigerator.  It will be held closed either by a push tab or a pull tab.  If yours has a push tab:

  1. Push the tab in to open the housing
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until you can pull it straight out
  3. Reverse the process to install the new one

If your refrigerator has a pull tab:

  1. Pull the tab to open the housing
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until you can pull it straight out
  3. Reverse the process to install the new one

Don’t forget to flush the new filter with at least 2 gallons of water before using it.

Change the Filter Routinely

No refrigerator filter will last forever.  As more and more of the water passes through the filter, the carbon inside of it will begin to deteriorate.  This means that it will not catch all of the contaminants anymore.  Also, a filter that is not at peak performance can lead to higher energy costs as well as health risks.  Eliminate these issues by changing your water filter every 6 months.  For the best selection and prices, be sure to check out our discount water filters section.

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