Know Your Fridge Filter: EFF-6027A

The EFF – 6027A refrigerator water filter works efficiently to bring clear, clean and refreshing water to you and your family.  With this fridge filter in place, you will never need to worry about drinking water that comes from your refrigerator that is dirty again.  This filter works hard to remove substances that may be undesirable from the water supply that you have coming through your refrigerator.  In doing so, it provides your home with water that is clean and healthy along with ice that is crystal clear.  Not only is the water and ice clean, it will taste better too.  This is one of the high – quality refrigerator water filters that you can be sure you won’t regret purchasing.  This filter has the capability of fitting into a wide variety of refrigerator models and brands.Water splash isolated on white

Filter Process

The EFF – 6027A or DA29-0020B uses a filtering process that has been scientifically engineered.  It uses activated carbon to get rid of those impurities that you don’t want in your water.  Activated carbon is a type of carbon that has been designed in such a way that it is incredibly porous.  The surface area of this carbon has been increased by all of the pores and this allows for the carbon to be super adsorbent.  This id different from absorbent because the impurities stick to the outside surface of the carbon as opposed to the inside.

The process of filtration starts when the water comes into the chamber of the refrigerator water filter from the water line in your fridge.  As the filter starts to fill with water, it gets pushed into another chamber where the activated carbon is.  The carbon then attracts all of the impurities from the water such as mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, cysts and chlorine.  All of these things are caught and held while the purified water passes through and on to you.

How to Install the Filter

This is one of the water filters that is easy to install.  Generally, you will install it in the top right corner of your refrigerator.  There should be a release that you will either pull or push.

If the release is a push tab:

  1. The housing will open when you push the tab
  2. Turn the old filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull it out
  4. Reverse this process to install the new one

If the release is a pull tab:

  1. Pull the recessed tab to release the cover
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull it out
  4. Reverse the process to install the new one

Once you install the new one, flush around 2 gallons of it before using it.

Change it Often

Remember that no filter will last forever.  As more water passes through, the carbon will begin to break down.  It won’t be as effective when this happens and the impurities will not be fully removed from your water.  To make sure that your water stays fresh and clean, change it out around every six months.


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