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Know Your Fridge Filter: EFF-6007A

water glasses being filled with ukf8001 purified is the go-to place when shopping for refrigerator water filters. There’s no reason to shop at the big box stores because we will help you find your filter in a matter of minutes without you having to drive anywhere. Unlike other sites, we won’t charge you for shipping or returns, because we believe this is how online shopping should be. To top it all of, we offering a variety of filter options to fit your budget.

This latest addition of “know your fridge filter” covers a replacement filter for the Maytag UKF8001. The EFF-6007A is an aftermarket option made by EcoAqua. Its filtration quality is comparable to the higher-priced OEM.

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Installing Your EFF-6007A Filter

Installing a new filter can seem daunting at first, but if you watch the video below and follow the steps correctly, you’ll be enjoying clean drinking water in a matter of minutes. Your filter will most likely be located in the top right corner of your refrigerator compartment.

1. There are two types of releases for this filter.

PUSH: If there is a button on the front of the housing, push it in to release it.

PULL: If you notice a small, recessed tab on the underside of the housing, pull it towards you to release it.

The housing should’ve dropped down and exposed the filter.

2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until you feel it unlock.

3. Pull the filter straight out to remove.

4. Insert the new filter into the compartment.

5. Rotate it clockwise to lock it.

6. Close the filter housing.

Before enjoying the water for personal use, remember to flush your filter with 3-5 gallons of water to prepare the filter and remove and loose particulates.

How the EFF-6007A Filter Works

There are two keys to proper filtration. The first key is the trapping of particles that you want to be taken out. The second key is allowing impurities to be filtered while still allowing proper flow. Activated carbon achieves both of these. Due to the unique properties of activated carbon, impurities found in your tap water are attracted to and trapped within its surface. Its surface actually consists of many tiny pores that allow the water enough room to pass through while still working hard to remove impurities. The result is clean, better tasting tap water in just a matter of seconds.

While most particles in your water are so minute that they’re virtually harmless, they still create an undesirable taste. This is that dreaded “tap water taste” that everyone talks about when explaining they don’t drink from the faucet. But, with a properly functioning filter, you can supply your home with clear, great tasting water for a fraction of the cost of buying plastic water bottles.

Why It’s Important to Replace Your Filters

The capacity of your filter to remove contaminants from water degrades over time as the carbon chamber loses its efficacy. An old filter can become over saturated with impurities and lead to a drop in water quality and taste. If you notice any changes in how your water smells, tastes, looks, or how quickly it dispenses, you most likely have an old water filter on your hands. We recommend replacing your water filter at least twice a year to ensure your home is always supplied with the best drinking water.

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