Know Your Fridge Filter: DA97-08006A-B

The DA97-08006A-B delivers the clean, fresh and pure drinking water that every household needs to live well. You no longer have to worry about having dirty water, nor, do consumers have to buy expensive bottled water from the store. With the DA97-08006A-B discount filter, anyone can rest assured that what they drink is free from unwanted substances and contaminants. Whether users want crystal-clear ice or something smooth to drink, DA97-08006A-B discount fridge filters are up to the task and compatible with a large variety of refrigerator brands and models. Technology has made the quality of life better in so many ways. This water filter is a modern innovation that helps improve the health of its users. The DA97-08006A-B or DA29-00020B helps keep people looking and feeling good, which, in turn, can inspire their self-confidence.

The DA97-08006A-B Process Explained01-filterGraphic-RFW115

How does all of this work? Quite simply. The DA97-08006A-B employs an activated carbon system that removes impurities from ordinary tap water. Yes, that is right. These refrigerator water filters take your existing supply of water and turn it into a high quality beverage.

The activated carbon is very porous. Its large surface area facilitates adsorption, a process in which one substance adheres to the form of another. Tap water flows into the filter, where it meets with the activated carbon. Unwanted substances get trapped to the carbon; meanwhile, pure water passes through unmolested and ready for drinking.

Common Substances Removed by the DA97-08006A-B

  • asbestos
  • bacteria
  • chlorine
  • cysts
  • lead
  • mold

Installing the DA97-08006A-B Filter is Easy

It is easy to install one of these filters, which come with either a push or pull tab.

Push Tab Open

  1. Push the tab, which will release the latch.
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it releases.
  3. Pull the filter out.
  4. To replace the filter when needed, simply reverse this process

Pull Tab Open

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Pull the tab forward to release the latch.
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise one quarter.
  4. Pull the filter out.
  5. To replace the filter when needed, simply reverse this process.

As a safety precaution, never drink from a replacement filter before flushing 2 gallons of water through it.

Regular Filter Replacements Needed to Receive Optimal Benefits

Changing the filter every six months comes highly recommended. The impurities trapped by the carbon causes degradation. Consequently, over time, the carbons becomes noticeably less effective. For this reason, owners should change the filter on a routine basis.

Regular refrigerator water filter replacements also help save money. Weak filters have to work harder to get the job done, using more energy. Keep bills low by changing every six months.



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