Know Your Fridge Filter: DA2900020A

When it comes to your refrigerator and water filters, the DA29-00020A fridge filter is one of the best values for your home’s refrigerator. This filter will help you provide fresh, clean water for your home, no matter what your budget is. You no longer have to worry about purchasing bottled water or expensive filtering systems for the water in your home. With the DA2900020A discount filter, you and your family will always have access to clean, clear, filtered water that tastes great and has no cloudy or discolored appearance. This water is not only great for drinking, it is perfect for cooking and preparing raw foods. The DA2900020B alternative fridge filter takes one more worry off your shoulders, and you never have to question the effects of your local tap water on the health of you and your family.


Water Filtering Process

The DA2900020A is a simple unit, and is easy to install in your Samsung or other comparable refrigerator.  While the water filtering process may seem simple, this refrigerator filter has undergone extensive engineering and testing to ensure that it does what the manufacturer claims it will do. Using activated carbon, the water travels through the filter and bad particles in the water are removed by the filter. Your tap water is clean and all of the dirt, debris, chlorine and other chemicals that make water taste less than pleasant are removed so you can enjoy great-tasting water any time you want it.

Filter Installation Process

The process of changing the DA2900020A refrigerator water filter in your Samsung or comparable model refrigerator is simple and can be done in just a few steps, but following these easy instructions.


For Push-tab style fridge filters:

  1. Push the tab in to release the latch and open the filter housing.
  2. Pull the old filter straight out toward you.
  3. Install the new filter by inserting the filter straight into the housing.
  4. Replace the filter housing.

For Pull-tab style filters:

  1. Pull the tab to release the housing cover and open the filter housing.
  2. Turn the filter one-quarter turn counterclockwise.
  3. Pull the filter straight out.
  4. Insert the new filter straight into the filter housing.
  5. Turn the new filter one-quarter turn clockwise to ensure a proper seal.
  6. Replace the filter housing.

Replace Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter Regularly

The DA2900020A water filter in your Samsung or other model refrigerator will ensure that everyone in your home can enjoy clean, great-tasting water. However, the filter will lose its effectiveness as the the activated carbon filters gallons of water and the cleansing properties are diminished. Check your owner’s manual and change your filter on a schedule as directed; more often if the water in your area is particularly dirty or filled with chemicals. Likewise, if the water coming out of your refrigerator’s filter has a cloudy or dirty appearance, has a not-so-pleasant taste or odor, you may also wish to change the filter more often than the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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