Know Your Fridge Filter: DA29-06317A

The refrigerator water filter, DA29-06317A works efficiently to furnish your home with wholesome, clean-tasting, water. You’ll no longer need to worry about contaminated water. The DA29-06317A filter will remove unwanted contamination from your drinking water, providing clean, great tasting water, pristine ice, and for superior beverages. This high-quality filter is a purchase that you will never regret. It is able to fit into a wide variety of refrigerator models.By employing a scientifically proven filtration process, the DA29-00003G replacement filter uses an activated carbon filter to remove impurities from your tap water. Activated carbon is an extremely porous substance with an effectively very large surface area allowing it to absorb massive amounts of particulates.














Filter Process

Filtration begins when the water enters into the filter chamber from your refrigerator water line. As the DA29-06317A filter is filled with water, the water is pushed through an interior chamber where the activated carbon filter is located. The carbon filter then attracts 98.9% of the unwanted particulates that may be floating in your water – particulates such as chlorine, lead, cysts, bacteria, asbestos, and mold. All of the captured unwanted materials will remain held firmly within the carbon filter and clean water will then exit out the other side of the carbon filter. The final result of this simple but effective process is, good tasting, crystal clear water suitable for consumption by even the most discerning individuals.


Installation Process

The DA29-06317A discount water filter is simple to install. Follow these steps:

Located in the top-right corner, the filter will be equipped with one of two types of release mechanisms, a push button or pull tab.

If you see a push tab, it will be in the front of the filter encasement:

  1. Pushing the tab inward to release the latch mechanism.
  2. Remove the old filter turning it to the left until it is released.
  3. Pull it straight out
  4. To replace it, simply reverse the process

If your new filter has a pull tab, it is recessed on the front beneath the cover:

  1. Locate the recessed tab.
  2. Pull it outward to release the hitch.
  3. Turn the filter 1/4 turn to the right.
  4. Then pull it straight out.
  5. To replace your filter, reverse this process.

After replacing your old filter, flush it with 2 gallons of water before using.

activated carbon from ukf8001

Change Your Water Filter Routinely

No water filter will last forever. Over time, as water passes through your DA29-06317A fridge filter, the carbon will degrade and slowly become overloaded with contaminates. This inevitably means the carbon will lose its ability to capture unwanted pollutants in your drinking water supply. A refrigerator filter that is operating at less than its max capacity will potentially cause health risks and added energy expenditures. For these reasons, it is important to change your filter no less than every six months of use to lower the risk of costly maintenance or health problems. For more information on high-quality water filters at the lowest prices, have a look through our entire refrigerator filter selection.

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  1. I ordered water filters for my refrigerator and they did not fit. I called the customer service number and they immediately sent me an e-mail with a return label. They were very professional and kind. I would not hesitate to order other filters from DiscountFilters in the future.

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