Know Your Fridge Filter: DA29-0003G

The DA29-0003G replacement water filter fits many Samsung brand refrigerators and will offer up delicious, clean water by reducing contaminants found in tap water. The Samsung DA29-00003G replacement filter is easy to replace and will fit the majority of French door side by side refrigerator units manufactured by Samsung. Once installed, you can rest assured that you and your family have access to safe drinking water and crystal clear ice.

glass of UKF8001 filtered water

Carbon Filter Process

The Samsung DA29-0003G refrigerator filter uses carbon technology to remove harmful impurities from water. With an effective water filter like the DA29-0003G, homeowners will see over a 99 percent reduction in chemicals such as lead, asbestos, and cysts. Refrigerator filters also drastically cut down on mercury, benzene, carbofuran, and other potentially dangerous particles.

To get rid of the water impurities, an activated carbon block is utilized inside the refrigerator filter. Carbon block filters have a large surface area in order to better catch impurities. Also, the carbon remains in contact with the water for longer periods of time ito offer up better filtration. Extra benefits of using a carbon water filter include an improved taste of drinking water due to the removal of chlorine along with a reduced chlorinated odor. Most importantly, carbon filters do not remove fluoride during the filtration process.

Installing Your Samsung DA29-0003G Filter

  1. To remove the old DA29-0003G filter, make a small quarter-turn counterclockwise until you feel the lock release. The water will turn off automatically once the filter is unlocked.
  2. Pull out the old filter and discard immediately.
  3. Insert the new filter into the housing and twist the filter a quarter-turn clockwise until the lock clicks.
  4. Run at least two gallons of water through the line before household use. Once installed, you’ll need to flush the line before you start using the filter for water or ice consumption.

Common installation mistakes of refrigerator filters include forgetting to reset your change indicator light and throwing away any reusable parts while changing the unit. To reset most Samsung refrigerator indicator lights, you hold the ice button and child lock button simultaneously for three seconds. The indicator light will turn green and the filter is once again ready for use.

Maintenance Schedule for Your Water Filter

This discount water filter must be replaced regularly to continue working effectively. Over time, the pores of the carbon become blocked and will stop working to keep out impurities. The carbon block can also start to degrade with continued use. The maintenance schedule for the DA29-0003G is that the water filter must be changed at least every six months. For households that use their refrigerator filter more often, they’ll have to replace the discount fridge filter after every 300 gallons. Not changing the filter regularly can increase health risks and increase energy costs since the filter may not function properly after prolonged usage.

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