Know Your Fridge Filter: DA29-0003B

Far too many home owners fail to replace their refrigerator’s filter. Leaving the filter can result in corroded water coming out of the appliance’s filtration system. Over time, as moisture builds up inside, it can develop mold while calcium, lime and other minerals begin to collect inside of the water delivery system. That is why replacing the filter on a regular basis is a must. Not only does it deliver pure, clean drinking water, but it prevents the development of these problems, extending the life of your fridge and reducing the chance of appliance repairs. The DA29-0003B is one such filter designed for several different refrigerator makes and models.

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DA29-0003B Filter Process

This DA29-000o3G replacement water filter uses an advanced technology process for removing impurities in your water.  When water enters the home, it often contains impurities. These impurities, while technically safe to drink, can cause undesirable taste while also corroding the interior of the refrigerator. Using a process called activated carbon, the water becomes filtered and provides better tasting water to drink while also improving the flavor of recipes reliant on water. Activated carbon uses adsorption which, when porous traps the impurities in the filter, keeping them from getting into your water. The DA29-0003B comes with a six month warranty and are guaranteed for a half year of use. Replacing the filter semi-annually allows the refrigerator to maintain the highest level of drinking water possible.

Installation of New Filter

To install the DA29-0003B:

  1. Remove the old filter by grabbing hold of it and turning it counter-clockwise a quarter of the way. This unlocks the current filter, allowing it to be removed.
  2. Next locate the indicator line in the refrigerator and align it with the unlabeled side of the DA29-0003B.
  3.  Slide the new filter into the refrigerator and turn it clockwise a quarter of the way to lock it into position.

**When installing the refrigerator water filter, each DA29-0003B does come with an installation date sticker. Writing the month of installation and placing it on the filter is a good idea to act as a reminder for when it needs to be replaced.

Once completing the installation, water should run through it for five minutes to help clear out the fridge of any backed up bacteria and minerals remaining from the last filter. If the refrigerator has a filter indicator, it can be reset by holding down the ice type and child lock button at the same time.

Filter Specifications

The Samsung DA29-0003B fridge filter requires changing every six months and has the capability of filtering 300 gallons of water. It removes a wide range of contaminants from the water, including sediment, sand, rust, chlorine and off-putting odor and taste. It has a flow rate of .5GPM as well as a pressure range of 10 to 125 PSI. It can also operate proficiently between 33 and 100 degrees F. There are few times a temperature range might actually exceed these operating temperature requirements.



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