Know Your Fridge Filter: DA29-00020A

Looking for a high-quality water filter to provide clean water that is also great-tasting? The DA29-00020A filter is the perfect option to satisfy your household. By taking the initiative to purchase this premium and inexpensive water filter, you will never have to worry about contaminated water again. By using a DA29-00020A or the DA29-00020B filter, you will be able to quickly and easily rid your water of contaminants such as dirt, rust, benzene, mercury, lead, fluoride, cysts, chlorine, water-hardening materials, and much more, each of which can cause damage to your refrigerator, as well as your health.

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More about the DA29-00020A Filter

Utilizing a method that involves uses a block of activated carbon in order to capture pollutants thus, giving consumers clear, healthy, refreshing, ice and water. Used in an array of refrigerators filters, the DA29-00020A filter is rated NSF 42 and 53, thus certifying that it removes specific contaminants such as the aforementioned ones.

You will save tons of money on things such as health care costs, bottled water, and other things that can occur as a result of being subjected to contaminated water. This is largely due to the fact that the carbon being used is a highly porous substance which, therefore, allows for increased adsorption. Vastly different from the notion of absorption, adsorption is a process that uses a liquid, gas, or dissolved solid to adhere to a specific substance. A process that begins when the water enters the chamber from the refrigerator line, in order to properly filter the water, the water is guided through an inner chamber which contains the activated carbon. The carbon then captures all unwanted particles and ultimately is contained within the carbon. This allows for the clean water to pass through for usage by the consumer.

Tips on Installing Your Filter

Simple to use, in order to install your refrigerator water filter you must

  1. Remove the old cartridge using 1/4 turn to the left
  2. Apply the “reminder” sticker and remove the red cap
  3. Align the unlabeled side of the filter with the indicator line for insertion
  4. Turn the cartridge another 1/2 turn to the right to secure it
  5. Run the water through the dispenser for 5 minutes to cleanse
  6. Press and hold both the ice type and child lock button in order to reset the filter indicator (if applicable).

Overall, purchasing a DA29-00020A fridge filter is the best way to provide your house with clean, crisp water, for months on end. To optimize its effects, be sure to follow installation instructions and replace as necessary.

Remember to Change Your Filter Regularly 

Although these discount filters are some of the most durable, and high-quality filters on the market, all filters must be changed on the regular basis. One of the most often used gadgets in your home, these filters are put to great use by filtering hundreds to thousands of gallons of water before needing to be replaced. The only way to ensure that your filter is both safe and effective, by changing your refrigerator filter approximately every 6 months, you will ensure that keep a consistent source of clean, crisp water.


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