Know Your Fridge Filter: DA-97-08006A-B

Refrigerator water filters are seamlessly integrated in your appliance to clean your water supply for refreshingly great tasting water and ice cubes. The DA-97-08006A-B is a supremely efficient product to remove all unwanted substances from your household water supply so that your water and ice cubes are crystal clear and taste refreshing. These unwanted substances can consist of chlorine, rust, lead and more. Filtered water is better tasting than bottled water because it retains the minerals that your body needs in your water. Not only does the DA-97-08006A-B water filter replaces many filters in a large array of makes and models of refrigerators.


Water Filtration Process

The DA-97-08006A-B  or the DA29-00020B discount water filter includes a hard plastic exterior with activated carbon inside to capture undesirable particles in your water supply. When charcoal is activated, it make it more porous to capture more unwanted substances in your home water before it enters your refrigerator water lines to the ice maker and water dispenser. Water travels through the filter and through two separate lines to your icemaker and water dispenser as clean, refreshing water and ice cubes for your family’s health.

Water Filter Installation

Fridge filters are easy to install; and it only takes about a minute to replace it. Your filter may be inside the refrigerator section or it may be located in the kick panel at the bottom of your appliance.

In the Refrigerator

  1. Open the refrigerator door. Move food items if necessary to access the round filter in the top, right rear of the refrigerator.
  2. Grasp the filter with one hand and press it inward firmly. This releases the lock.
  3. Pull the old filter outward, replace it with a new one, slide it inward and press inward to lock it in place.

In the Kick Panel

  1. Locate your filter inside the bottom kick panel on your refrigerator. It will have a handle on it on the left side.
  2. Turn the handle counterclockwise one-quarter turn to release the lock.
  3. Pull the old filter straight out of the filter housing, insert a new one and turn it clockwise one-quarter turn to lock it in place.

Remember to always flush at least 2 gallons of water through your water dispenser to clean the refrigerator water and ice lines of unfiltered water.

When to Replace Filters

When you need to replace your water filter, depends on how much ice and water you use in your household. An average family will need to replace a filter approximately every 6 months. If you only have a couple in a household and are not at home much, your filter may last a bit longer. Watch the water filter replacement light in your refrigerator. When it turns orange or yellow you should purchase a new filter and replace it as soon as it turns red. A green light means that the filter is still operating at high efficiency. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a light inside of it, it is best to replace the filter every 6 months so that your water is always fresh. The rule of thumb for replacement is 6 months because that is when the activated carbon starts to deteriorate.




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