Know Your Fridge Filter AP3418061

Happy woman drinking water from a glass outdoorUsing the AP3418061 water filter to replace the GE GSWF fridge filter will equip you with healthy pure drinking water. Drinking clean and filtered water can be an ideal way to stay hydrated and remain fit. Many people find that a glass of water can help stave off their hunger pains and make them feel better. When it comes to water, the best water is water that is both high quality and tasty. One of the best ways to get a glass of water in any home is with the use of the right kind of water filter. Water filters help filter out impurities that are found in many area water supplies. Using the right kind of refrigerator water filters from Discount Filters can help anyone have water that is clean, clear and utterly delicious.

The Right Refrigerator Filters

When looking for refrigerator water filter, many people the AP3418061 filter makes an excellent choice for their needs. The AP3418061 filter is carefully designed to provide homeowners with a scientifically engineered process that uses activated carbon to help remove all impurities from any water source. The filter allows a homeowner in search of discount fridge filters to find filter that works well and offers premium results at an affordable price.

Activated Carbon

Many people may not have heard the term activated carbon before and may be wondering what it is and what it does. Activated carbon is carbon that is known to be designed to be quite porous.  Using this substance in refrigerator filters allows the system to work well and remove impurities easily.  The filter uses a scientific process known as adsorption. Adsorption is a process where dissolved solids adhere to a particular surface. This process is a basic scientific principle that has been in use for many years by scientists. Today, this clean and clear process can be all yours when using the GE GSWF replacement filter.

Filtering Water

As water enters a filter chamber from the refrigerator,  the GE GSWF water filter will start to fill with up with water. The water that goes through the filter is then pushed up by the system inside of it via an inner chamber. This chamber is where the activated carbon is kept. Carbon can then attract all possible undesirable particulate matter that may be lurking in your local area water supply. Impurities that can cause problems include dangerous chlorine and lead. Exposure to lead may lead to all kinds of cognitive problems.

Remove Harmful Chemicals

The water filter can also remove other chemicals such as asbestos, harmful bacteria that can easily make you very ill if ingested, and mold that can get into walls and other spaces in your home. The GE GSWF filter helps you makes sure that all such unwanted materials are captured before they enter your water supply. The particulates are held in the carbon inside of the water filter. This allows the homeowner to enjoy water water that has been passed through the carbon and cleaned before use.  The result of using this process is that any homeowner can have water that is pure and refreshing.

Installation Instructions for the AP3418061 Water Filter

  1. The first step to installing your new AP3418061 water filter is to open the cartridge cover by pushing where indicated in the refrigerator.GSWFinstall
  2. Remove the used filter by turning it counterclockwise to the left.
  3. Position the new filter in the filter cartridge and secure it by turning it clockwise to the right until it stops.
  4. To confirm that the water filter is secure the filter should have rotated about 1/4 turn from the start.
  5. Do not over tighten.
  6. Close the filter cartridge and reset the filter indicator if applicable.
  7. Flush 1.5 gallons of water through the filter before using it. This will prepare the filter and prevent sputtering. (A great green use for the water flushed through the filter would be to use it to water the plants in your house).

Compatible Filters for the AP3418061 Water Filters


As always it is important to change your filters every six months to receive the freshest cleanest best tasting water from your home. Always check out Discount Filters for all of your filter needs and replacements.


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