Know Your Fridge Filter: ADQ360106101-S

A lot of people get their water from community water systems, while others rely on wells and other sources for drinking and cooking water. This leaves the water exposed to thousands of contaminants. The need for refrigerator water filters is extremely high in order to remove these harmful contaminants from water. The ADQ360106101-S filter is a quality refrigerator water filter that removes contaminants from dispensed water and ice cubes. This filter makes use of activated carbon that captures all contaminants as water flows through it. The ADQ360106101-S fridge filter can be fit in a number if refrigerator brands and models available on the market.

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Filter Process

The ADQ360106101-S refrigerator water filters make use of scientifically engineered and top-notch patented filtration process that incorporates activated carbon that removes impurities from the source water. The filter has a higher rejection rate that eliminates water contaminants such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Dust
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria and more

The filter is attached to the refrigeration system. Source water enters the filtration chamber to be subjected to the filtration and enhancement stages. The porous carbon eliminates all the unwanted impurities such as fungi, mold, lead, chlorine, and mold among others. These contaminants are then pushed out of the filter. The filtered water is then refined and enhanced by the system to give you a crystal clear and refreshing water, with impressive taste.


How to Install your Filter

Installing the ADQ360106101-S water filter is a relatively easy process. Besides the easy to follow DIY installation guide that comes with the filter, there is a YouTube video that guides the users on any installation difficulties. To replace and install the new filter, you need to find where the filter housing is located, mostly at the upper right corner of the fridge. Follow these steps to replace the filter.


If the system is a push tab, locate the tab near the front end of the filter housing.

1. Push this tab to open the filter housing.

2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to have it releases.

3. Pull the filter straight out

4. Reverse this process in order to install the new filter.


If the water system is s pull tab, it will be recessed on the underside of the front cover.

1. Pull the recessed tab forward in order to release the hatch

2. Twist the filter counterclockwise and pull it straight out.

3. Reverse this process and install the new filter.

After you have installed the new filter, remember to flush the filter with about 2 gallons of running water before starting to use it.

Signals that your filter needs to be changed.

Typically, discount filter needs to be changed every three to six months. If your source water contains higher levels of impurities, you may need to change the filter sooner than this period. Your filter will need to be replaced if;

  • Indicator light changes from green to yellow. Check the location of the indicator light and frequently observe any changes.
  • If your water begins to have a bad odor or taste.
  • If you experience slowed water dispensing. This means that the filter has become clogged by contaminants.


Why Change Your Water Filter Routinely

The frequency of water filters depends on the quality of water and your water usage. If there are a lot of sediment particulates in your water, you will have to change the filters more frequently. Like all other filters available on the market, the ADQ360106101-S refrigerator water filters don’t last forever. You should replace your water filter whenever you notice a decline in performance, a drop in water flow rate of if you experience unusual taste in water.


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