Know Your Fridge Filter A0094E28261

water-boyYou need to have clean, clear, fresh water in your house at all times. If you have problems with in your home with water that is cloudy, tastes funny or just looks off when it comes out of the tap, you should consider installing a water filter. A good water filter will make sure you always have water on hand that is delicious, toxin-free and looks great. Water filters use a scientific, all natural process to remove any chemicals from your drinking supply. Best of all, using a discount water filter helps you get safe, clean, excellent quality water in your own home for only pennies a glass.

Easy to Install

The A0094E28261  filter is a scientifically designed discount water filter that can be installed in any refrigerator. Water from your water supply comes into the filter, gets cleaned perfectly and then becomes clean water. The filter is easy to install in any fridge. No special tools necessary. Snap it in and you will have a supply of totally clean water for the next six months. We provide the shipping for you. Replace it twice a year and you will always have the best water possible right in your own home.ULTRAWF_14

  1. Assure that the ice maker is off by raising the wire signal arm.
  2. Remove the old filter and dispose of it by pushing the end/face
  3. Slide the old water filter cartridge straight out
  4. Using the alignment guide slide the filter gently into the housing (you will hear a snap and it will stop)
  5. Turn on the ice maker by lowering the wire signal arm
  6. Reset the control panel
  7. Be sure to discard the first two gallons of water through the dispenser and the first two buckets of ice to assure quality.

Science at Your Command

When you use the A0094E28261 filter, you have a water filter that has been specifically designed to take advantage of our understanding of how to remove all chemicals from your water supply safely, easily, cheaply and nearly instantly. Our water filters work with a substance known as activated carbon. Activated carbon is designed to be highly porous. A substance that is porous is one that has lots of holes in it. Lots of holes mean that each bit of the activated carbon can adsorb all chemicals that pass through the filter. Adsorption is a safe process where unwanted chemicals of all kinds adhere to the carbon. Adhering means that any mold, asbestos, chlorine or other potentially dangerous chemical will become part of the carbon rather than part of your water. You get clean water after the chemicals are adsorbed by the carbon.


Water for All Your Needs

Use the filter in your fridge to create drinking water that ideal for all of your liquid needs. When the water enters the chamber, it goes through the carbon and then becomes safe for you to consume. Freeze the water and get delicious ice cubes ideal for serving glasses of lemonade during the Fourth of July. Boil your water and get the perfect thing to make glasses of steaming hot chocolate for a memorable Christmas Eve get together. Our water filters will help you and your guests enjoy delightful water fresh from your own tap. After using the A0094E28261 filter always have access to supply of water that looks wonderful and tastes even better.

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