Know Your Fridge Filter 9999

Glass of water in officeAny household needs to have water that is clean and refreshing at all times.  If you are worried about drinking dirty water, in your house you need not worry any longer.  The 9999, replaceable with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF, is the answer to all your household water needs. This water filter easily removes  all unwanted items from any indoor water supply. This provides all members of your household with water that is ideal for your needs. The water in your home can now be crystal clear as well as better tasting. Enjoy perfect tasting water that can be drunk straight from the filter or turned into high quality ice just right for any summer drink.  Our high quality fridge filter is the perfect addition to any home.  Our fridge filter can fit into just about all refrigerator brands via a simple installation process.

The Materials Used

With the help of a carefully scientifically engineered filtration process, the 9999 taps into a substance known as activated carbon. This allows the fridge filter to remove all unwanted impurities from any home’s entire tap water supply.  If you are wondering what activated carbon is, you should know that activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been designed by scientists to be extremely porous.  An increased surface area in this substance lets the filter use the process of adsorption to function effectively and remove all impurities easily. When material is absorbed, it enters into another material and becomes part of that material. By contrast, when material is adsorbed, that material will stick to the sides of surface rather than merging with it. The result of this process is an ideal material for the process of filtration and refrigerator water filters. The ultimate result is water that looks great, tastes wonderful and is free from any possible contamination.

Installing the FilterULTRAWF_14

Installing the filter is very easy. Just open the housing of the filter on your fridge and be sure the ice maker is turned off.

  1. Locate the filter and pop it out by pushing on the end or the face of the filter.
  2. The filter should slide out of the water filter cartridge.
  3. Discard you old filter.
  4. Slide in the new filter according to the alignment guiders.
  5. You will know the filter is secure after you hear a pop or click from the filter.
  6. Turn on the ice maker

Be sure to discard the first two gallons of water and the first two buckets of ice to ensure quality.


The Water Filtration Process

Filtration starts the moment that you install the filter in your fridge. Water will fill the fridge chamber via the line you have installed in your home. Once the chamber starts to fill with water, the filtration process can begin. The activated carbon can then start. All impurities in your water of any kind will cling to the activated carbon in the filter. Any unwanted particulates are easily removed just by allowing the filter to work. The net result of your installation? Water that is just perfect for all your drinking needs. Water that looks wonderful and tastes even better in your glass. For a full selection of filters check out DiscountFilters.


Filters Compatible with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF


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