know your ukf8001 replacement filter: 9992

Know Your Fridge Filter: 9992

boy drinking filtered water from ukf8001Here at, we like to keep it very simple.  We do what it takes to give you clean water and air, without the hassle, through free shipping and returns. To continue helping our customers as much as we can, we’ve been developing guides for all of our fridge filters, because we understand it can be confusing buying your first filter.

The 9992 Refrigerator Water Filter was designed to replace the popular UKF8001 model filter.  It’s an aftermarket filter that possess the same quality as the OEM filter, but at a fraction of the price.  To read more on a comparison of aftermarket and name brand filters, check out another blog post of ours.  We sell aftermarket filters because, as we said, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers, and we’ve tested the aftermarket filters to make sure they possess the same quality, while still saving you money.

How Does It Work?

To get more specific about the 9992 fridge filter, it works hard at removing impurities from your home’s water supply.  Impurities that can be found in tap water are bacteria, mold, lead, and most notably, chlorine.  Water purification plants use chlorine to disinfect the public water supply.  Small traces of chlorine and other particles are responsible for that “tap water taste” that you dislike so much.  But after you’ve tried clean, better tasting, filtered water, you’ll quit buying plastic water bottles.

Every time water runs through your fridge, it goes through the filter.  The water gets pushed into an inner chamber and is filtered through a block of activated carbon.  It comes out clean on the other side, free of contaminants, and enters your cup, clean and clear.

Activated Carbon is a specially engineered form of carbon that is great at adsorption.  Adsorption is crucial to the act of filtering water, because it allows the water to pass through, but anything else, like dirt or chlorine, adheres to the surface and is filtered out.  Activated carbon can do this because it’s made up of millions of tiny pores, like a super sponge (if sponges let water pass through them).


Installing the 9992 water filter is extremely easy.  You’ll find the filter in the top right corner of your fridge.  These filter covers either open with a push or pull method, depending on where the tab is located.  If there is a tab on the front, simply push it in.  If there is a recessed tab on the bottom, just pull it towards you.  The housing should drop open and expose the old filter.

1)      Gently grasp and turn the filter counterclockwise until it releases.

2)      From there, the filter should pull straight out.

3)      Insert the new 9992 filter.

4)      Turn it clockwise to lock.

5)      Close the cover.

6)      Flush water through the filter for around five minutes before using.


ukf8001 6 month filter badgeAfter the filter is installed and has been used over time, the carbon begins to degrade.  This results in less filtering and a lower quality of water.  If you notice and difference in taste, odor, or color, it’s probably time to change the filter.  We recommend replacements every six months at the least.

To see if the 9992 fridge filter is right for you home, use our easy-to-use filter finder.

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