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Know Your Fridge Filter: 9991

Many people I know do not like the taste of tap water and refuse to drink it. Instead, they opt for bottled water, which turns out to just be really, really expensive filtered tap water. You can get the same tasting water with a fridge filter. The popular GE fridge filter model MWF comes standard in a variety of refrigerator brands and models. However, buying the same OEM filter is expensive, which is why offers cheaper aftermarket filters. The 9991 water filter model is an example of an MWF replacement, and it possesses comparable quality at a fraction of the cost.

activated carbon from mwfSo how exactly do fridge filters work? The key ingredient to excellent filtration is activated carbon. Activated carbon is a specially engineered form of carbon, built specifically for filtration purposes. Activated carbon is also present in many types of air filters. This material possesses millions of tiny pores, making it very porous. This allows the water in your fridge to filter through the substance. Due to the special properties of this form of carbon, any foreign particles such as chlorine, are attracted to the surface of the carbon block. The impurities are then trapped there and unfiltered water turns to clean, better tasting water in a few seconds.

Before you can enjoy your filtered tap water, you need to install the filter first. Don’t worry though, installation is simple, just watch our quick video and follow the steps provided and it’ll be ready in a matter of minutes.

Before removing the old filter, turn off your ice maker.

1. Locate the filter at the back of the inside of your fridge, in the top right.

2. Turn the filter to the left.

3. The filter should drop and you’ll be able to pull it straight out of the holder.

4. Simply reverse the process to install your new 9991 filter.

5. Flush out water for approximately 5 minutes and then turn your ice maker back on.

That’s it!

Eventually, the carbon in the new filter will begin to degrade. This lessens the efficacy of the filter as an effective filtration device. We recommend changing your filter at least twice per year to keep your home supplied with the highest-quality of drinking water. We make remembering to change your filter easy by shooting you an email when it’s time to replace!


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