Know Your Fridge Filter 9919

glass of water isolated on whiteIn order for a house to be functional, the occupants need to have access to a supply of clean water. Sometimes, a homeowner will have less-than-ideal water in their home. If that is the case in your house, there is an easy and inexpensive solution. A water filter such as the 9919 filter is the perfect answer to all home water quality problems. This filter fits into your fridge, and is compatible with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF model, where it instantly filters out any impurities that may exist in your water supply. When you install a water filter of this kind, you will get water in your home that is completely safe to drink.

Modern Science at Your Fingertips

The 9919 fridge filter has been designed in accordance with modern engineering principles and knowledge. This filter uses materials that are safe to remove chemicals. The secret to this type of refrigerator water filter? The use of a substance called activated carbon. Activated carbon is an utterly safe material that is placed in the water filter and has been designed to remove all unwanted materials. This type of carbon has many holes inside of it. The holes have been placed in the carbon so it can adsorb toxins of all kinds.

The Process of Adsorption

Adsorption is a word you may have never encountered before. Absorption is a cousin of the process of absorption. When a substance uses this process, it means that materials will stick to the outside of it. This means that the activated carbon placed inside of this kind of filter will stick to the carbon instantly. The holes in the activated carbon create a lot spaces for toxins that are found in your supply such as asbestos, chlorine and lead to stick to it as water from your water system comes into contact with this substance. ULTRAWF_15

Easy Installation

One of the best parts about using filters of this kind is just how easy it is to install them. Follow these few simple steps and the filter should snap into place.

  1. Turn off the ice maker by raising the wire signal arm
  2. Remove the filter by pushing on the end of the filter
  3. Insert the new filter by using the alignment guide, slide it gently into the filter housing unit
  4. Stop when it reaches the snap-in connector at the back of the housing
  5. Push firmly until the cartridge snaps into place- listen for the click
  6. Turn on the ice maker by lowering the wire signal arm
  7. Press and hold the water filter button on the ice and water dispenser control panel for three seconds
  8. The control panel display should change from red to green meaning the filter has been reset
  9. Discard the first two gallons of water from the water dispenser and the first two buckets of ice to assure quality

Leave the filter there for six months and let it work its magic on your water supply. When the six months are up, just snap it out of place and remove it. Filters are widely available and inexpensive as well. Using discount water filters can be the perfect solution to have water in your house that is totally clean at a very low price per glass.

Just Change and Be Done

As long as you change the water filter in your fridge, you will always have access to a supply of water that is crystal clear and tasty. Freeze the water during the hot summer and add to your favorite summertime beverage. Use it during the winter to help make nourishing soups and create soothing teas on a blustery winter day. You can always rely on the carbon in the filter to provide your entire family with the high quality water they deserve. Relax and entertain in your home knowing you can offer guests delicious, refreshing water. ULTRAWF_14

Compatible Filters for the Frigidaire ULTRAWF


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