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Know Your Fridge Filter: 9908

Don’t like the way tap water tastes? You’ve never had filtered tap water then. Get the same crystal clear taste and feel as bottled water, but for 1000s of times cheaper. It’s a known fact that tap water is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Make the switch today by buying a new fridge filter. The 9908 replacement water filter is designed to replace the Whirlpool 4396508 model filter.

How Does it Work?woman drinking 4396508 filtered water

Water coming into your home may be contaminated with impurities such as chlorine, sand, rust, lead, and mercury. These pollutants affect the smell, feel, flavor, and safety of the water you drink and cook with. The 9908 fridge filter will protect your family from these impurities and improve the taste of your water and ice overall. The key behind filtration process is activated carbon. Activated carbon is a specially formulated version of carbon made specifically for filtration purposes. Activated carbon is even used in air filters. Activated carbon takes advantage of a process called adsorption. Adsorption allows materials to soak in certain particles while letting others pass through.

In this case, when water from your home’s supply enters the filter, it makes contact with a small block of activated carbon. The water gets pushed through the block while impurities attach to the surface of the carbon. All of this occurs in a matter of seconds and results in crystal clear water every time.

Installing Your 9908 Filter

First, located your filter at the bottom of the refrigerator’s grille. If it’s not there check the top right on the inside, or the back of the fridge. Always turn off your ice maker before replacing an old filter.

1. Remove the old filter by rotating the cap counter clockwise one quarter turn.

2. The filter should then pull straight out.

3. The the old cartridge cap by sliding it off of the end of the old cartridge.

4. Slide the cap onto the new filter.

5. Slide the new filter into the slot with the cap in the vertical position.

6. Rotate the cap clockwise one quarter turn to lock it.

That’s it! After replacing a filter, always remember to flush out water for approximately 5 minutes. Then you can turn your ice maker back on and enjoy clean and clear water.

Replacing Old Filters

If you currently use your fridge’s water dispenser but don’t remember the last time you replaced it, you might be wondering if it’s time for you to change it. We recommend changing fridge filters every six months to ensure your family always has the best water. An old filter becomes poorer and poorer at filtering out particles and can virtually become useless if left unattended for long enough. An easy tip to remember filter changes is changing them every time you adjust your clocks with Daylight Saving Time, twice per year.

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