Know Your Fridge Filter: 9101

The 9101 refrigerator water filter is an efficient item to give your family healthy and clean water and ice on a continuous basis. The 9101 fridge filter removes all unwanted substances from your home’s water supply. These impurities can consist of rust, lead, chlorine, sediment and more. This discount water filter is a great alternative for the DA29-00020B water filter and can replace many brands and models of refrigerators.


How Does the Filter Work?

The 9101 water filter has activated carbon inside the core. When carbon is activated, it become very porous to attract and hold undesired particles in it so that they become trapped and do not enter your water supply through the refrigerator. The water supply line to your refrigerator carries water to the filter’s rear. As the water runs through the filter, it is cleansed of unwanted items such as mold, bacteria, chlorine, lead and asbestos, which are all harmful substances to your family. The water then exits the filter as a sparkling clean product and fills your ice cube tray as well as your water dispenser for fresh, clean and healthy water and ice cubes.


How to Install the Filter?

Refrigerator water filter installation is easy to install for any homeowner. There are two installation processes that vary slightly and are dependant on where your particular refrigerator water filter is located.


Inside the Refrigerator

  1. Locate your water filter by opening the refrigerator door and looking at the rear, right, and top of the back wall.
  2. Grasp the filter firmly and press it inward to release it from the lock.
  3. Pull the old water filter straight out, slide a new one in and press it inward to lock it in place.

In The Kick Panel

  1. Look at the front, bottom left of your refrigerator to locate a handle on the filter that protrudes from the kick panel.
  2. Grab the handle and turn it one-quarter turn to the left to unlock it.
  3. Pull the filter straight out, insert a new one while aligning the tabs and turn it one-quarter turn to the right to lock it in place.

After replacing a 9101 water filter, depress the water dispenser tab and hold a pitcher under it. Flush the water system on your refrigerator with at least 2 gallons of water through the water dispenser.


How Long Do Water Filters Last?

Activated carbon water filters are operational for approximately 6 months, based on normal usage of a family. After this time, the activated carbon starts to deteriorate and doesn’t hold the undesirable particles as well as it did when it was first replaced. Your water and ice cubes may have an odor and become gray when you need to replace your 9101 filter. Some refrigerators have a button that turns red, when the filter has had the maximum amount of water run through it that it can filter to notify you to change it. In times of high usage, such as the summer when you consume more beverages and ice, the filter may need replacing more often.



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