know your fridge filter: 9005

Know Your Fridge Filter: 9005

Product Descriptionfiltered water in glass from UKF8001 filter

The 9005 refrigerator water filter is a versatile, efficient filtration device that you will not regret purchasing.  With a scientifically tested filtration method, the 9005 fridge filter will provide your home with clean, better tasting water and clearer ice.  With name brand quality, but inexpensive pricing, it’s certainly a smart purchase every time.  The 9005 fridge filter is designed to fit a number of different refrigerator models and brands and is a replacement filter for the UKF8001 fridge filter.

Filtration Process

Activated carbon is the key behind the 9005’s highly effective filtration process.  What is activated carbon you ask?  Activated carbon is carbon that has been engineered to have millions of tiny pores making it a very porous substance.  All of these pores increases the surface area making it great at adsorbing unwanted substance found in your home’s water supply.  Adsorption, unlike absorption, occurs when tiny particulates within a liquid adhere to a surface while the rest of the liquid passes through the other side.

UKF8001 Water Filter diagramThe filtration process begins whenever you push the button or lever on your fridge and water enters the filter.  As the water gets pushed through an inner chamber, the adsorption process begins.  The unfiltered tap water comes into contact with the activated carbon, undesirable particulates adhere to the carbon, and clean, filtered water comes out the other side.
These substances found in your water supply can include chlorine, mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, and cysts.  But with the 9005 fridge filter, you can be sure that these substances are filtered out in a matter of seconds before you even take a drink.

How to Install Your Filter

The placement of these filters is typically in the upper right hand corner of your fridge.  The 9005 filter is easy to install if you simply follow these steps:

If your filter is a push tab, the tab will be located at the front of the filter housing:

  1. Push the tab inward to open the housing.
  2. Twist the filter counterclockwise in order to release it.
  3. Once the filter is unlocked, just pull it straight out to remove it.
  4. To install the new filter, simply reverse this process.

If your filter is a pull tab, it will be recessed on the underside of the cover:

  1. Pull the recessed tab towards you to release the hatch.
  2. Turn the filter 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock it.
  3. Pull the filter straight out.
  4. Simply reverse this process to install your new filter.

Remember that whenever you replace your filter you should flush approximately 2 gallons of water through the new filter before using it.

Routine Filter Changes

As wonderful as the 9005 fridge filter is, it cannot last forever.  Over time as more and more water filters through the device, the activated carbon starts to degrade.  This results in a less effective filtering process, which means some substances that normally were trapped might start to get through.  We recommend that you replace your 9005 fridge filter at least twice a year to ensure you always have the best quality drinking water.  To find the perfect filter for your fridge visit our Filter Finder.

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