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Know Your Fridge Filter: 67003591

water filtered by ukf8001These days, many refrigerators come with the luxury of built-in ice makers and water dispensers; this is great for saving yourself the time, hassle, and fridge space of making your own ice in trays or filtering your own water through a pitcher. Still, in order to keep your water supply as fresh and pure as possible, you’ll need to replace your water filter as needed. This is where the 67003591 filter can come in handy.

How Does the 67003591 Filter Work?

The moment water enters this UKF8001 replacement filter from your home’s water line, the filtration process begins; utilizing activated carbon technology, these fridge filters remove unwanted debris and particles from your water supply and trap them inside the filter. This all happens within a matter of seconds, and the filtered water is then sent directly to your cup or to your ice dispenser to make pure, crystal clear ice for later use. The end result is clean, purified water that you can feel good about drinking.

Installing Your New Filter

If your refrigerator is in need of a new filter, you might be a little unsure of how to go about changing the filter in your particular fridge. The good news, however, is that it’s a lot easier than you probably realize. Most refrigerators have a similar set-up when it comes to changing water filters, so it’s not that complicated at all.

For the 67003591 filter, you generally will need to begin by locating a push tab or a pull release on the refrigerator itself. In most cases, push tabs are located near the front of the filter housing, whereas pull releases are usually found under the front cover of your fridge. To open a push tab, push the tab inwards and then turn the filter (usually counter clockwise) before pulling it out completely. You can then dispose of your old filter and insert the new one by pushing it in and rotating clockwise.

If you’re dealing with a pull release filter, simply pull the tab out and twist the filter until it is able to be removed. Install the new filter in the same manner, only turning the filter in the opposite direction to secure it in place.

routine ukf8001 fridge filter change reminderBefore using your filter for the first time, it’s also recommended that you first run about two gallons of water through it. This will help to ensure the best performance for your filter and a crisp taste for your water.

Don’t Forget to Replace Often

Finally, while refrigerator water filters can last awhile, they aren’t designed to be used forever. As such, it’s a good idea to replace your filter with a brand new one at least once every six months. Some refrigerators even have an indicator light that will let you know when your filter needs to be replaced. By making sure a clean, new filter is in your fridge at all times, you can ensure a clean water supply and reduce the risk of health problems.

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