know your fridge filter: 67003523 a ukf8001 replacement

Know Your Fridge Filter: 67003523

Our goal at DiscountFilters is to make the buying process incredibly easy. We do this with our amazing customer service and 100% free shipping & returns. Another part of that goal is supplying enough information to help you in your buying decision. We’re hoping to achieve this through our filter guides. This particular edition of “Know Your Fridge Filter” highlights the 67003523, a replacement for Maytag’s UKF8001 refrigerator water filter. This aftermarket filter possesses comparable quality to the OEM but at a fraction of the price. This makes the 67003523 a no-brainer buying decision when looking to replace the UKF8001. Experience truly clean, better tasting water in your home.

How to Install Your New 67003523 Filter

Installing a water filter might sound complicated at first, but after watching our handy video or reading the steps below, you’ll be ready to drink crystal clear water in a matter of minutes.

Your filter should be located inside of your fridge, on the top right side. It also helps to saturate the new filter with water before installing to help remove air from the system and avoid sputtering.

There are two different release types for these filters depending on what filter cover you have.

PUSH: If there’s a button located on the front, push it to release the hatch.

PULL: If you see a tab on the underside, pull it towards you to release the hatch.

From there, the steps are the same regardless of release-type.

1. Rotate the old filter counterclockwise to unlock it

2. Pull the filter straight out to remove

3. Insert your new filter

4. Turn it in the opposite direction to lock it

5. Close the filter cover

That’s it! Just flush water through your new filter for approximately five minutes to remove any loose particles and prepare it for personal use.

dirty water and ukf8001 filtered waterThe Filtration Process

Most modern water filters utilize the filtration prowess of a little substance called activated carbon. Activated carbon is engineered out of regular carbon to be more porous. This porous surface is made of many tiny pores that allow adsorption to occur. Adsorption is just a fancy word for filtration, meaning that the carbon allows water to soak through while still trapping impurities present in the unfiltered tap water. Due to its unique properties, foreign impurities such as chlorine are attracted to the carbon’s surface and remain trapped there. So unfiltered water enters the filter, is pushed through the activated carbon chamber, and comes out the other side as clean, filtered water. This process happens every time you dispense water from the fridge in just a few seconds.

The Importance of Replacing Your Filters

An old water filter is not good for your fridge. It can lead to possible maintenance issues. To ensure that your home is always supplied with the best drinking water we recommend replacing your filter every six months. Depending on the quality of your water, you may need to replace your filters faster.

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