know your fridge filter 67003523-750 ukf8001 replacement

Know Your Fridge Filter: 67003523-750

lady dispensing clean ukf8001 filtered waterAn easy way to help the environment and save money is to drink tap water. The problem is though, that many people do not like the taste or are afraid that tap water is not as pure as bottled water. An easy solution is to purchase a refrigerator water filter. If you do not have a fridge that dispenses water, there are still under the sink and faucet filters that any home can utilize. Tap water is hundreds of times cheaper than bottled water and with a filter, it will taste just as good as bottled water.

One of the most popular fridge filter models is the UKF8001. We believe clean and clear water should be in every home so we offer aftermarket filters at a fraction of the cost of the OEM. One such filter is the 67003523-750. Water filters help to filter out impurities from your tap water to help supply your home with healthy, better tasting drinking water.

Filtration Process

The best part about the 67003523-750 filter is that it possesses quality comparable to the UKF8001. Both filters utilize the same filtration process, which is to use activated carbon. Activated carbon is a specially engineered form of carbon designed to be porous. Its surface is made up of millions of tiny pores that increase the surface area and allow water to be able to move through. Due to the unique properties of the activated carbon, any impurities in the water are attracted to its surface and trapped there.

This process only takes a few seconds and happens every time you dispense water from your fridge. The result is refreshingly clean water every time.


Installing a water filter is easier than you think. This type of filter is usually located in the upper right corner on the inside of your fridge. Depending on the type of refrigerator, the compartment will either have a push or pull release. After releasing the compartment and exposing the filter, the installation process is the same for both releases.



If you unlocked the cover correctly, it should have dropped down and exposed the old filter. Next, you must rotate the old filter counterclockwise until it releases. Pull the filter straight out to remove it. Insert the new filter into the chamber and rotate it clockwise to lock it. Shut the cover door.

Remember to always flush water through your newly installed filter to prepare it for personal use.

Importance of Replacing Filters

As great as water filters are, they do not last forever. We recommend replacing the 67003523-750 at least twice per year. After continual use, the carbon will lose its power to filter. The activated carbon can only handle so many particles until it becomes over saturated with them. The same thing happens to air filters, it’s just harder to see because the substance is encased in plastic.

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